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Did each event happen during Diane's (D) or Rebecca's (R) time on Cheers?

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Forced Order
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EventDiane (D) or Rebecca (R)
Frasier Crane introduced
Andy Andy's 1st appearance
Norm gets a job at a brewery
Lilith gives birth to Frederick
Woody Boyd introduced
Christopher Lloyd guest stars
Woody meets Kelly
Coach passes away
Frasier meets Lilith
Woody elected to Boston city council
Cheers 100th anniversary
Cheers beats Gary's Olde Town Tavern at bowling
Cliff meets Maggie
EventDiane (D) or Rebecca (R)
Thanksgiving food fight episode
John Cleese guest stars
Johnny Carson guest stars
Carla meets Eddie Lebec
Cliff appears on Jeopardy!
John Allen Hill introduced
Robin Colcord introduced
Harry Connick, Jr. guest stars
Fire destroys part of Cheers
Sam gets back into baseball
The guys go skydiving
Emma Thompson guest stars
Sam dates a Boston city councilwoman

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