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Forced Order
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What are these _____? Disgusting, so gross!
We've got these _____ remind us of each other
So I say no to the _____
And I'm _____. I'm just _____.
_____, I've been waiting all these years _____
'Cause, baby, you're _____, 'cause you're here with me
It's gonna be your year! It's a very Potter _____!
Hey, my crutch! Nah, nah, loser! _____!
_____ in wishes as silly as it seems
_____, you don't gotta do this.
It's a _____. You'll die of dysentery, dysentery virus
Whole thing just gives me a headache! _____!
I'm just a _____, but I love being at your side!
Not to mention, _____, what an invention, _____
There was a time when _____ happy, when _____ Harry Potter
It's _____, take it one day at a time
You don't have to worry, because I've seen the light. I've seen it _____
_____ singing out: la la la la la
_____! We are the harlots and the hussies! _____!
That's all I'm asking for. I just want _____.
You're tall and fun and skinny and really, really pretty, _____
You've gotta _____ if you ever wanna reach your goal
We gotta _____, Mouthface!
Don't worry, you'll get your kicks, 'cause you just stumbled on the _____
You're the one who put it there, _____
I'm gonna show you what it means _____, man
But which way do I turn when the roads become so-- so-- _____?
You've got to _____ when life won't go your way
And everything feels like a gospel song. It's _____
_____! Your time is running out!
We've gotta get up, gotta get back, _____!
_____, _____, why can't you see what you're doing to me?
D-d-do you think I'm dumb? I'm sorry, did I just _____?
When you look at you and me, we're different--_____
_____, a champion! _____, the only one!
But there's one thing that I know: that I'm finally ready, so _____
I've won scores of bloody wars and mopped the floors with my foes, but _____
Yes, _____. I thought you had never looked.
You're in _____! Welcome to the city so pleasing that everyone's leaving.
You're _____! You don't understand, you're a legend, man,
You may think that I'm on the decline, but _____
Sometimes it _____, sometimes don't
Look up to the skies; now look in my eyes! It's _____
All your problems wash away when you're naked, yeah, you're _____
_____, there are lives to save
'Cause I am _____. It's been a long, long time.
_____ just to find what you need and know what to be
Regardless of what you've done or where you've been, they'll give ya _____
_____, Joey! _____! Comb your hair and smile. That's a start!
We are _____. It's the greatest family vacation
_____, once in a lifetime, nothing like anything you've ever seen before
And then you know _____, when _____
But I just tell them... Hey! It's _____!
I'm getting hungry, baby; it's time to feed! _____!
For there will always be _____
_____, so many hidden messages
She went on a run, _____ to save the future
The firetruck's here for the kitty in the tree! Oh, _____!
This must be how it feels _____
I want to be remembered that way, but that was _____
Time's running out, it's time to shout, '_____!'
I long to be as strong as I used to be but I was _____
So come inside, don't you fret, for it's _____
And make bloody certain that you'll never see another _____
There's _____ I'm gonna take another option
Before we're getting, and not regretting ever setting on _____
_____ I was blind before, I realized there is so much more
_____ a Starship Ranger
I am _____ in the whole wide world
_____, take me back before it all went wrong
_____ with you is not enough to spend
_____ and the dick I've found's the best
I'm _____ that you never should have given me
It makes me wanna say, '_____!'
Follow _____ for life's a two way street
Gonna do what's right; take what's mine; _____!
_____, _____, though they'll try to stop you, _____
'Cause he's here in the flesh finally. _____! _____! _____! _____!

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