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QUIZ: Can you name the AJR songs by title drop?

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Forced Order
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Now I'm feeling just like _____
So I said you seemed _____, you forever figures 5 and 3
Where my haters? Where my haters? I don't got 'em, _____, no
I'm just a boy who's telling a girl that when I grow up I'll _____
Won't you help me _____? Growing up has made me numb
You say I turned out fine; I think I'm still _____
I woke up last night from a dream that we'd _____
I'm coming up, it might be _____, _____
It's _____, _____ Thursday
But I'm _____ and what's wrong with that?
Pro tools and a mic and a _____
Imma keep on running this sh!t, _____
In a big white house, in a _____
And now after it all, I just really want to _____
The coldest train car, _____, remember alcohol and dancing
_____; too fragile, too broken
It's so hard, can we skip to _____?
And help us to find a home to search _____
So we're caught up in _____ (Everybody's talking, everybody's talking)
Oh, I didn't smoke _____, but that's cause I'm the one on stage
Now the finale's done and I'm alone, I'm on a _____ here on my phone
I know they're coming for me, we're not the _____
_____, 'cause you're out of your mind
You wanna skip it if it's wordy, but fit the whole song in _____
Well, if it matters, he're some flowers, 'cause we're _____
Are you ready? _____! _____! _____! _____!
Boy, it's good to know I've got a _____

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