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you can cut the tension with a knife in here
Jealousy keeps containing me, in time you'll see
seeing life in different colours
Red lipstick on and high heel stilettos
I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart
You're coming close now, swear I can taste it
so tell me what else can i do? i bought my fake ID for you
sick of the system, don't wanna hear it
You said you like my Cobain shirt
I couldn't take her out 'cause Mum's got no money
When we both fall asleep underneath the same sky
And I'm stuck in the friend zone again and again
The movie playing in my head on a king sized bed
'Til the sun comes up, we can own this town
like every single wish we ever made
Tune out the static sound of the city that never sleeps
I can feel you watching even when you're nowhere to be seen
It's time to leave this old black and white town
throwing rocks at your window at midnight
Bitter words spoken, everything broken
Rewind to the start before it all went wrong
she can speak French, i think she's fluent
Can I call wake you up on a Sunday?
All the wrongs that I hoped would erase from your memory
I'm sat in silence living in a world of noise
Don't wanna be a victim of authority
You're like the perfect mixture, of Megan Fox and Katy P
'Cause I remember the taste of your skin tonight
Michael wants another slice
you were crying at the airport

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