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Forced Order
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LyricSong Title
Time warp in the middle of a daydream, call you up cause the time needs wasting
Re-rewind friday night, never forget it, how you let me go
Do ya, do you think about me?
Play the lotto you might win it, it's like 25 to life so you bust out of prison
I won't lie to you, I know he's just not right for you
Am I asking all these questions for nothing?
I thought that I'd been hurt before, but no one's ever left me quite this sore
You've got my heart, but I can't let you keep it babe
I promise that one day I'll be around, I'll keep you safe, I'll keep you sound
So you leave tomorrow, just sleep the night
I love it when you just don't care
I'll pick you up at the same time, at the same place, the same old drive
Oh, there she goes again, every morning it's the same
She got a bad reputation, she takes the long way home
She would not show that she was afraid
Staring out my hotel window, too much on my mind
Met this girl when I was three years old, we were holding hands tight so I'm told
I wanna follow where she goes, I think about her and she knows it
LyricSong Title
Oh, you waited so long, sometimes it's hard to stand out
You've got a hold on me, don't even know your power
I wanna go back, forget that it's over
Taking it slow isn't easy if as far as you go is only half as far as you and I both know
Hey, how's it going? Can you meet me down on Adelaide Street?
You say it's not supposed to be, tell me not to waste my time
Think I don't need a watch to tell the time
He knows dirty secrets that I keep, does he know it's killing me?
Damn you look so good with your clothes on
I watch your troubled eyes as you rest
When I wake up to your footsteps as you get up out of bed
You hit me up it's late at night this is the same old story
It's not that I'm afraid
Stop, take it in and I breathe for a minute, I think too much when I'm alone
I know that we just met and maybe this is dumb
You can't walk the streets at night, you're way too short to get on this ride
Weeks on end, I'm on the road, I start to lose my sense of home
Never thought that'd we end up here, should've known it from the start

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