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Can you name the substrates and enzymes in glycolysis, the link reaction, and TCA cycle?

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Glycolysis substrate 1
Glycolysis enzyme 1ATP -> ADP
Glycolysis substrate 2
Glycolysis enzyme 2
Glycolysis substrate 3
Glycolysis enzyme 3ATP -> ADP
Glycolysis substrate 4
Glycolysis enzyme 4
Glycolysis substrate 5This is the product of reaction 4 that is converted into its isomer in this reaction
Glycolysis enzyme 5
Glycolysis substrate 6Product of reactions 4 and 5
Glycolysis enzyme 6NAD+ -> NADH + H+
Glycolysis substrate 7
Glycolysis enzyme 7ADP -> ATP
Glycolysis substrate 8
Glycolysis enzyme 8
Glycolysis substrate 9
Glycolysis enzyme 9
Glycolysis substrate 10
Glycolysis enzyme 10ADP -> ATP
HintAnswerExtra info
Glycolysis end product/link reaction substrate 1
Link reaction substrate 1 (the other one)Regenerated in the first TCA reaction
Link reaction enzyme [complex] 1
Link reaction product/TCA cycle substrate 1
TCA cycle substrate 1 (the other one)Regenerated by TCA cycle
TCA cycle enzyme 1Citryl CoA is an intermediate
TCA cycle substrate 2The TCA cycle is also named after this molecule
TCA cycle enzyme 2cis-aconitate is an intermediate
TCA cycle substrate 3
TCA cycle enzyme 3Oxalosuccinate is an intermediate
TCA cycle substrate 4The other substrate is CoA
TCA cycle enzyme [complex] 4Homologous to the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex
TCA cycle substrate 5
TCA cycle enzyme 5ADP -> ATP (or GDP -> GTP)
TCA cycle substrate 6
TCA cycle enzyme 6FAD -> FADH2
TCA cycle substrate 7
TCA cycle enzyme 7
TCA cycle substrate 8
TCA cycle enzyme 8NAD+ -> NADH + H+

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