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Can you name the Mario & Sonic Wii Games?

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2007Mario is flying through space
2010Mario is flying through the skies with a new pal
2010Sonic has many new COLORS and abilities
2007Sonic is looking for hidden rings in this game
2008Sonic is riding through the air in ZERO GRAVITY
2008Sonic has a more 'wolfey' side in this game
2009Sonic has to defet a black knight in this game
2010This game features Sonic, his friends, and all of the other SEGA characters
2009Mario is back, in a tennis game, again
2009The Mario Bros. go from a DS game of this title, to a wii game, with wii at the end
2007Mario and Sonic go to the Olympics
2009Mario and Sonic go to the Olympics, but in winter
2008Mario get is karts on the wii
2010Mario now has 4 mixed sports in his new wii game.
2007Mario shoots....and scores. What amazing soccer skills. He always charges his shots
2008Hit...Run...1st...2nd...3rd...Home. Mario Wins!
2007Mario is having his 8th party!
2007Super Mario is paper, on the wii

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