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Can actually open 8 Gates and live
Big ass slug
Eats a lot and took butterfly roids
Salamander Dude
Pervert Toad Guy
Paper Lady
Has back issues
Died to revive Gaara
Walmart Orochimaru
Fan Person
Wood Man
I Hate Uchihas
Asuna Busted a Nut in
Evil Version of Hiruzen
Shadow Lazy Guy
Konohamaru's Grandfather
1st person to get yeeted by the Wind Style Rasen Shuriken
5th Mizukage
Bubble Boy
Konan's red haired friend
Puppet guy who lost to uselessness
Mother of all Chakra
Combined with Choji to make the worst Boruto Character
Guy who gave Kakashi his Sharingan
Big ass snake
Minato's son
Sage of a couple walkways
Founded Akatsuki
Creator of the Sexy Reverse Harem Jutsu's Mom
Rap is Crap but is Black
Shikamaru's Teacher's Nephew
Biggest Oppai
Metal Lee's dad
A Bug's Life
Snake drag queen
It's a trap
Big ass toad
5th Raikage
Buys Naruto Ramen
Ate the 10 Tails' wood and died
Obito's wet dream
Guy who killed Mirai's dad
Sand Man
Reads erotic books and copies jutsu
Boruto's Grandfather
Essentially a furry
Useless (Pink)
Budget Sasuke who draws
Secretly the most OP character
Itachi's brother
Mirai's Dad
Wood Man's Nuts
Guy who Shisui gave his eye to
Art is cool
Sound 4 Version of Choji
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Created Dec 18, 2018ReportNominateIcon Source: Viz Media
Tags:naruto, Person, Yes

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