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Who created the Gryffindor house?
Who created the Slytherin house?
Who created the Ravenclaw house?
Who created the Hufflepuff house?
What is the sport of the wizarding world?
Who is the British wandmaker?
Who is the other wandmaker?
Who is the evil wizard that Dumbledore took down?
Who is the Half-Blood Prince?
What species is Buckbeak?
What is Lord Voldemort's Full name?
What is the name of the waterfall in Gringotts?
What is Hermione's Patronus?
Who is Albus Dumbledore's brother?
Who is Hagrid's half-brother?
What type of car did Harry and Ron lose in the forbidden forest?
Who won the Quidditch world cup in 'The Goblet of Fire'
What is the Gold Coin called?
What is the Silver Coin called?
What is the Bronze Coin called?

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