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Happy May the 4th! Some Questions from Shmoedown

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The Phantom Menace
What are the two colours on the chance cube that Watto uses? 
What planet is Otoh Gunga located on? 
What year did The Phantom Menace come out? 
Who did Qui Gon duel on Tatooine? 
Who is the leader of the Gungans? 
What caused Obi Wan and Qui Gon to ignite their lightsabers on the trade federation ship? 
What protocol droid attends to Qui Gon and Obi Wan on the trade federation ship? 
Who dispatched Qui Gon and Obi Wan to settle the conflict on Naboo? 
Attack of the Clones
How many arms does Dexter Jester have? 
During the battle of Geonosis who kills Jango Fett? 
Who according to Lama Su placed the order for a clone army? 
Where does jango fett tell Obi Wan he was recruited? 
Which dignitary is please to announce the executions on Geonosis? 
How far is Geonosis from Tatooine? 
What creature injures Padmé in the arena? 
Who is Jango Fett's son? 
Revenge of the Sith
Who escapes Anakin and Obi Wan by throwing an electric staff through the window? 
Who told Anakin that 'good is a point of view?' 
In a deleted scene from the movie, which Jedi was killed by Darth Vader 
What was the number of the order given to execute the Jedi? 
Who told Anakin to kill Count Dooku? 
How did Padme die? 
Name one of the CIS Leaders on Mustafar 
Where did Darth Sidious order Grievous to hide the sepratist leaders? 
A New Hope
What class of speeder does Luke claim to have used to bulls-eye womp rats back home? 
Who was the first one to jump down the Death Stars garbage shoot? 
What is the name of the first ship we see in A New Hope? 
How many bolts from the training remote did Luke successfully deflect? 
What are the wings on an X-wing called? 
What one word did the officer in the detention hall use to describe Chewbacca? 
On which planet does Leia tell Tarkin the rebel base is located? 
At the Mos Eisley Cantina, which docking bay holds the Millennium Falcon? 
The Empire Strikes Back
According to Han Solo what was Leia afraid of leaving Hoth without giving her? 
Who was Wedge Antilles tail gunner on the battle of Hoth? 
Who switched off C-3PO when he suggests surrendering to the Empire? 
What species tosses around C-3POs head on Cloud City? 
What vehicles are equipped with harpoons and tow cables? 
Which Imperial officer lead the ground assault on Hoth? 
What Star Destroyer was perusing Han when the Falcon lost the rear deflector shield? 
Who's call sign on hoth was echo 7? 
Return of the Jedi
Who does Admiral Ackbar turn the presentation to in Return of the Jedi? 
Who steps on a twig giving away the surprise ambuh on the biker scouts on endor? 
What character refrences the battle of Taanab? 
In the assault on the second Death Star consists of which squadron colours? Hint: There are 4 
In Return of the Jedi, who introduced himself to Jabba as a friend of captain Solo? 
According to Luke Skywalker what was the Emporer's weakness? 
Where on Tatooine is the Sarlacc located? 
Who insnarred Luke Skywalker with a powered cable? 
The Force Awakens
What system is destroyed by Starkiller Base? 
What word does Rey use to describe the Millenium Falcon? 
What happens to Poe Damarons X-wing after he is taken from Jakku? 
What kind of cargo was Han Solo hauling on his freighter? 
Who says 'I had a bad feeling about this' in the Force Awakens? 
What does the riot control stormtrooper say when he sees Finn? 
Who injures Kylo Ren before he faces Finn and Rey in the forest? 
Name the character played by Simon Pegg? 
Rogue One
What peaceful life style does Galen Erso lead while living on Lah'mu? 
What Mon Calamari rebel has a big role in the movie? 
What planet is the name 'Wobani' a tribute to? 
What does 'Rogue One' refer to? 
What is the code name for the Death Star plans? 
Before being rescued by the Rebellion what was Jyn Erso's alias? 
Casssian Andor is an officer in what division of the Rebellion? 
Casssian tells Jyn that Chirrut and Baze used to be? 
The Clone Wars
Who discovers Ahsoka Tano in the Clone Wars? 
What is the name of the Hutt who conspires with Count Dooku 
What planet are Anakin and Obi Wan sent to, to save Bail Organa? 
Who is Anakin Skywalkers new padawan? 
Name one of the actors who came to reprise their role for the film? 
What nickname does Ahsoka give to Anakin? 
How many episodes is the movie composed of? 
Who is Count Dooku's apprentice? 
Which Rebel Pilot looks at the Death Star and says 'look at the size of that thing?' 
Who tells Qui Gon 'The jedi are too reckless?' 
Finish 'Why you slimy double crossing no good ______?' 
Who told Obi Wan he 'Should be mindful of the future?' 
Finish 'General Grievous, you're _____ than I expected.' 
In The Empire Strike Back, Who barked the order 'shields up', just before the Falcon buzzed the Star Destroyers bridge? 
According to Obi Wan 'A Lightsaber isn't as clumsy or ____ as a blaster' 
How did Luke Skywalker address Emperor when they first met? 

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