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Forced Order
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First Game in the Series
Second Game in the Series
Third Game in the Series
Fourth Game in the Series
Fifth Game in the Series
Sixth Game in the Series
Seventh Game in the Series
Also Seventh Game Old gen only game
Eighth Game in the Series
Handheld PS Vita Game
Who is Subject 17?Full Name
Who's the main character of the Assassin's Creed movie?Michael Fassbender's modern day character (Full name)
Name of Crusade AssassinFirst Name
Name of Spanish AssassinFirst Name (movie assassin)
Name of Italian AssassinFull Name
Name of Native American AssassinFull Name
Who is Subject 4?Full Name
Name of Pirate AssassinFull Name
Who is the African slave turned Assassin?
Name of French AssassinFull Name
Name of the English Assassin TwinsBoth names of the Syndicate protagonists
Name of the Russian AssassinFull Name
Name of the Irish AssassinFull Name
Name of the female French Assassin?Full Name
Name of the Chinese AssassinFull Name
Who is the Assassin from India?Full Name
Who helped modify the hidden blade in Assassin's Creed 2?Also a famous artist
Enemy of the Assassin's
Where did the first game take place?
What country did AC2 take place?
Where did AC Revelations take place?Now known as Istanbul
What was the main city that AC3 was in?Red Sox
Who were the historical enemies in AC3?
What is the artifact that everyone is after?Fruit
What's the main weapon of an assassin?
What's the main weapon of a Turkish assassin?
Who do you play as at the beginning of AC3?Full Name
What was the special weapon that was in AC3?Also a weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops
Which finger did an Assassin have to lose for the hidden blade?
Who was the god at the end of Brotherhood that addressed Desmond in the past?
Who is the god in AC3?
Who was the master turned Templar in the first game?
Who is the Templar pope in AC2?
Where is the Auditore villa located?
What happens if you stay in the Animus too long?
Who does Desmond kill in Brotherhood?
What is the modern day Templar organization?
Who is Abstergo's leader?
What's the name of the famous Assassin jump?
What was Desmond's job before Abstergo?

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