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Yoda trains Luke on this swamp planetThe Empire Strikes Back
This planet is one giant city, also capital of the republicJedi Temple, The Senate building
This planet was the location of the headquarters of the ResistanceThe Force Awakens
This planet is the home world of the Neimodians?Revenge of the Sith
This was a peaceful, snow-covered planet, until Death Watch arrivedCW S4 E14 'A Friend in Need'
In 3 BBY, the rebels went to this planet and established a baseAlso the domain of a powerful being of the Force called Bendu
This planet is the homeworld of the HuttsCW S3 E9 'Hunt for Ziro'
What planet is the Citadel located on?CW S3 E18 'The Citadel'
What planet is Count Dooku from?CW S4 E17 'The Box'
This realm was inhabited by only three intelligent beings, Force wielders locked in an eternal struggle for dominance over one anotherCW S3 E15 'Overlords'
This is a remote desert planet, and was host to massive amounts of rhydoniumCW S5 E11 'A Sunny Day in the Void'
This planets surface was covered in large crystalline forestsCW S1 E16 'The Hidden Enemy'
This planet is the home world of the night sistersCW S3 E12 'Nightsisters'
Where the Zillo Beast was found, also home world of the dugsCW S2 E18 'The Zillo Beast'
Known as the 'Shadow World',home world of the UmbaransCW S4 E10 'Carnage of Krell'
This planet is a storm-stricken world and Imperial terraforming operation in the Outer Rim TerritoriesRogue One
The rebels echo base was on this planetEmpire Strikes Back
Was a jungle planet located deep within the Hutt-controlled portion of Wild SpaceCW S3 E9 'Hunt for Ziro'
Desert planet, home planet of Anakin Skywalker A New Hope
A harsh rocky world less than a parsec away from Tatooine, it's a ringed planet beyond the borders of the Galactic RepublicAttack of the Clones
This planet is pitted with massive volcanic caldera, suspended from the rim of a gaping crater was one of the principal Zygerrian labor processing facilitiesCW S4 E12 'Slaves of the republic'
Cloud planet, home to Cloud City and Lando CalrissianThe Empire Strikes Back
This planet is the home world of the Wookiees?Revenge of the Sith
This planet is the home world of the Muun people?Expanded Universe
Forested world of giant trees, home to the EwoksReturn of the Jedi
World on the fringes of the known galaxy, surrounded by a thousand moons.CW S1 E18 'Mystery of a Thousand Moons'
This planet was locked in an ice age, giant crystallized glaciation and ice covered its surface, as well as huge crystal spurs, Jedi Master Mundi died on this planetRevenge of the Sith
Known also as the Junk World, this planet is one of the galaxy's dumping groundsCW S4 E21 'Brothers'
The site of the first base for the Rebel Alliance filled with lush forests and green landscapesA New Hope
The planet has both farmland and a city center. During the age of the Empire, it fell under Imperial occupation and enormous TIE fighter and weapons factories were builtRebels
Marsh-like planet, home planet of Padmé AmidalaPhantom Menace
The most sacred world to the Jedi Order, the ancient planet is forever encased in ice, within the legendary Crystal Caves, that Jedi initiates must undergo The GatheringCW S5 E6 'The Gathering'
A world of mixed terrain, from dank, swampy environments marked with strange bulbous plant-life, to arid desertsRevenge of the Sith
Was a scorching lava planet, and had an array of valuable minerals which were mined by the Techno UnionRevenge of the Sith
A harsh, arid desert world in the Outer Rim, Hondo Ohnaka ran a profitable salvage and piracy operation on this planetCW S1 E11 'Dooku Captured'
is a sparsely inhabited backwater whose rich soil and groundwater are contaminated by minerals and other elementsRogue One
This planet is pitted with enormous sinkholes. Many of the sinkholes are lined with intricate cities that stretch deep into caves and crevices beneath the planet's surfaceRevenge of the Sith
This planet is teeming with immense primitive plants, and a humid landscape overgrown by forests of bizarre wildernessRevenge of the Sith
Obliterated by the first Death Star, home of Princess LeiaA New Hope
This planet is home to one of the first civilizations to explore the nature of the ForceRogue One
Ocean planet, Army of the Republic was created hereAttack of the Clones
This planet is the home world of the Duros peopleExpanded Universe
Ahsoka and Rex trained a group of freedom fighters on this planetCW S5 E2 'A War on Two Fronts'
Was a barren, obsidian world of lava streams and turquoise lakes, is the home world of the SullustansCW S3 E12 'Nightsisters'
This planet is the home world of the Twi'leksCW S3 E3 'Supply Lines'
This was a remote desert planet, it had scorched badlands and marching dunes, while the trading post Niima Outpost was considered the only major settlement on the planetThe Force Awakens
Once a glorious world, the planet was laid waste by war, Duchess Satine renounced the planet’s violent history and declared neutrality in the Clone WarsCW S2 E12 'The Mandalore plot'
The terrain of the moon's surface included large forests of coral, and rocky cavernous areasCW S1 E1 'Ambush'
This planet is the home world of the ToydariansCW S3 E3 'Supply Lines'
This planet had one barren moon, which housed the Galactic Republic's Rishi Station, it was also the endpoint of the only well-traveled hyperlane into the Rishi MazeCW S1 E5 'Rookies'
Grievous has a secret hideout on this planetNahdar Vebb dies
This planet is covered in grassy plains where large seed pods grew and was inhabited by the LermunCW S1 E13 'Jedi Crash'
This was the primary moon in orbit around the planet Orto Plutonia, it was the homeworld of the Pantorans who were led by the Pantoran AssemblyCW S3 E4 'Spere of Influence'
This is a planet composed of crystalline caves and with a surface that was strained by strong atmospheric pressure, with the ability to crush starships and flatten beingsCW S4 E20 'Bounty'
This planet is the home world of the TrandoshansCW S3 E21 'Padawan Lost'
This was a planet upon which the Pyke Syndicate operated. From their stronghold, the Pykes managed the distribution of spice from Kessel as it was delivered throughout the galaxyCW S6 E10 'The Lost One'
In the waning days of the Galactic Republic, the Capital City housed a base of operations for the Black Sun crime syndicateExpanded Universe
The planet was still in its early stages of development, and was covered in swamps and rocky canyonsRebels
A planet ringed by a massive orbital space station, it became a battlefield during the Clone WarsCW S6 E1 'The Unknown'
Being one of the center worlds of the InterGalactic Banking Clan. This commerce guild build its massive vaults on the planet, where the Bank profits were safely heldCW S6 E6 'The Rise of Clovis'
This planet is the site of an Imperial Detention Center and Labor CampRogue One
Lush green planet home to Maz Kanata's castleThe Force Awakens
This planet is a world of rock, covered in stunning red-colored plant life.Rebels
Home to the Rebel Alliance's main military baseA New Hope
This planet was known for its ace pilots and large starships. Vessels such as the Millennium Falcon and Imperial starships were built hereExpanded Universe
This is a system under Mandalorian control, led by the legendary warrior Fenn Rau and his group of ProtectorsRebels
The jungle planet is home to the horned Devaronian species, Savage Opress attacked a Jedi Temple here during the Clone WarsCW S3 E13 'Monster'
Rocky, watery planet on which Luke is hiding The Force Awakens
New Republic's base of operations, destroyed by StarkillerThe Force Awakens
The beauty of the planet hides the fact that the cities were all built upon the backs of slaves. For thousands of years, the planet supplied slave labor to the galaxyCW S4 E12 'Slaves of the Republic'
Home world of the sith canon. that was home to the ancient Sith. The desolate and mountainous world was abandoned after many ancient warsCW S6 E13
Home world of the sith legends. It was the original homeworld of the Sith species and a sacred planet for the Sith Order, housing the tombs for many ancient and powerful Dark LordsExpanded Universe
This is an asteroid field located in the Subterrel sector. Following the execution of Order 66, it became a safe haven for surviving JediRevenge of the Sith
This planet was widely known for its extensive mining operations. Numerous beings worked in the mines, at some point, Dexter Jettster spent time prospecting on the planetAttack of the Clones (Mentioned)
Home world of the Togruta's, the planet had colorful grasslands, the natives displayed distinctive skin patterns for camouflagingCW S5 E6 'The Gathering' (Flash Back)
General Grievous' secret enemy listening post orbits this planetCW S1 E7 'Duel of the Droids'
This planet is the home world of the RodiansCW S1 E8 'Bombad Jedi'
This planet is known for its spice mines and their harrowing conditions. To be sent to the mines was essentially a death sentenceAttack of the Clones (Mentioned)
Iridonians were a race of the sentient Zabrak species native to the planetExpanded Universe
Orbited by the moon of Pantora, homeword of the TalzCW S1 E15 'Trespass'
This planet was the homeworld of the Kaleesh species. Grievous, a male Kaleesh warlord, was from this worldExpanded Universe
A barren world of frost and rock, Captain Rex and a band of rebels visited the planet searching for weaponsRebels
This planet would be a beautiful tropical paradise if not for the presence of a major Imperial military installationRogue One
Moon of Mandalore governed by Pre Vizsla. It was a mining settlement where the warriors of Mandalore had been sent in exileCW S2 E12 'The Mandalore Plot'
Beneath this planets ground are other civilizations, a series of devastating groundquakes exposed passageways that connected the exterior and interior worldsCW S4 E5 'Mercy Mission'
Previously a peaceful world, the planet’s spiritual leaders began to vanish without warningCW S6 E8 'The Disappeared'
This planet was devasted when the Empire cut off all supply lines to the planet, it was only after help from the Ghost crew that food was delivered to the starving populationRebels
An idyllic world filled with vast green valleys and flowing waterfalls, this planet had a colony of Togruta artists, led by Governor RoshtiCW S4 E12 'Slaves of the Republic'
This planet was the home world of Jun Sato, a commander in the rebellion. As the Empire solidified its hold on the planet, the rebels evacuated sympathetic citizens off the worldRebels
A dusty and remote planet known for it's salty plains, it was the home of Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe and Gregor during their retirementRebels
The planet is a lush world that served as the capital planet of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone WarsCW S3 E10 'Heros on Both Sides'
A dark planet with an even darker history, this is a location Jedi are told from a young age to avoid, home to an ancient Sith templeRebels
This is a temperate swamp moon covered with massive rocky plateaus. During the Clone Wars, Death Watch established a temporary camp on its surfaceCW S5 E14 'Eminence'
A small, easily overlooked world. Darth Maul wanted to draw the attention of the Jedi, and to do so, he wiped out the colonyCW S4 E22 'Revenge'
It was the homeworld of the gundarks, it was a rocky, overcast planet whose surface was marked by smoky crystalline formationsCW S1 E11 'Dooku Captured'
The planet covered entirely by white clouds, during the Clone Wars, a major galactic conflict fought between the Galactic Republic and the CISCW S1 E13 'Jedi Crash'
The planet had frigid environments, during the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic deployed Clone cold assault troopers on the worldExpanded Univers
This planet is the home world of the mon calamari peopleCW S4 E1 'Water War'
The planet is not far from Lothal, and was the site of a deal for T-7 ion disruptor riflesRebels
This is an ocean planet, that is the homeworld of the NautolansCW S2 E3 'Children of the Force'

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