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Can you name the The Clone Wars Season 1 & 2 Clone Officers?

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Can you name all of the clone officers i
The Lieutenant who assists master Yoda in the episode 'Ambush'.
The clone leader of 'Ghost Company'.
Leads the assult on the capitol of Ryloth with General Windu.
Leader of the 327th Star Corps troopers.
The commander who aids Jedi master Kit-Fisto in the episode 'Grievous Lair'.
Red armored clone who leads the Coruscant Guard.
Clone commander who leads the well known 501st Legion.
This clone officer assisted Jar Jar Binks in a mission on the world of Florum.
Can you name all of the clone officers i
Leads 'Green Company' in the Republic's effort to maintain capture of Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray.
Reffered to as 'Sarge' by his men, stationed on Rishi moon.
A clone officer in charge of a barracks on Christophsis; is later revealed as a traitor.
Serves along side Jedi Master Ki-Adi Mundi on Geonosis.
He trys to stop the Seperatists from boarding Jedi General Eeth-Koth's ship in the episode 'Grievous Intrigue'.
The clone leader of Wolfpack Squad.
This soldier temporarily takes command for Rex during the season 2 episode 'The Deserter'.
This Sergeant assist 501st Legion on there mission in the season 1 episode 'Duel of the Droids'.

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