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Can you name the Skillet songs from the 'Awake' album?

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Forced Order
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'I need a ____, to save me now!'
'I must conffess that I feel like a _____!'
'_____ ____ ____, 'cause I don't want to leave this dream'
'I'm _____ ___ ______! Now I know what I believe inside!'
'Cause tomorrow could be ___ ___ ___ ___'
'All the lies and stupid things you say and do; it's you! ___ ___ __, ___ ___!'
'You _______ when you ______'
'If you _______ed, when I said, that I wouln't be thinking about you...'
'All the times you were denied; you have ______'
'________ I don't want to be better, ________ I can't be put back together!'
'Stay with me here now, and _____ ______....'
'Hey, ____ I remember your name'

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Created Apr 20, 2011ReportNominate
Tags:skillet, Skillet Albums

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