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Can you name the nationality of astro/cosmonauts that have been in space?

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Date of first travel CountryName of first person from that country
12 April 1961Yuri Gagarin
5 May 1961Alan Shepard
2 March 1978Vladimír Remek
27 June 1978Mirosław Hermaszewski
26 August 1978Sigmund Jähn
10 April 1979Georgi Ivanov
26 May 1980Bertalan Farkas
23 July 1980Phạm Tuân
18 September 1980Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez
22 March 1981Jügderdemidiin Gürragchaa
14 May 1981Dumitru Prunariu
24 June 1982Jean-Loup Chrétien
28 November 1983Ulf Merbold
3 April 1984Rakesh Sharma
5 October 1984Marc Garneau
17 June 1985Sultan al-Saud
30 October 1985Wubbo Ockels
26 November 1985Rodolfo Neri Vela
22 July 1987Muhammed Faris
Date of first travel CountryName of first person from that country
29 August 1988Abdul Ahad Mohmand
2 December 1990Toyohiro Akiyama
18 May 1991Helen Sharman
2 October 1991Franz Viehböck
17 March 1992Aleksandr Kaleri & Aleksandr Viktorenko
24 March 1992Dirk Frimout
31 July 1992Franco Malerba
31 July 1992Claude Nicollier
19 November 1997Leonid Kadenyuk
29 October 1998Pedro Duque
20 February 1999Ivan Bella
25 April 2002Mark Shuttleworth
16 January 2003Ilan Ramon
15 October 2003Yang Liwei
30 March 2006Marcos Pontes
18 September 2006Anousheh Ansari
10 December 2006Christer Fuglesang
10 October 2007Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor
8 April 2008Yi So-yeon

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