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Forced Order
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Death of Henry VIIIThe Start of the Mid-Tudor Crisis?
Edward CrownedSomerset was his first protector after the Privy Council altered Henrys Will using Sir Anthony Dennys dry stamp
Mary CrownedAlthough removed from succession by Northumberland and Edward she became the first female english monarch, excluding LJG
Elizabeth CrownedHeralded as the Protestant Saviour
Death of EdwardPossibly died of TB after 6 years in charge
Death of Mary After 5 years
Death of ElizabethAfter 45 years
Pilgrimage of GraceThe biggest Rebellion under the tudors. Started over the Monasteries and Henrys reforms
Western and Ketts Rebellions2 in the same year although inspired by different factors. Attributed to Somersets fall
Lady Jane Grey CoupNorthumberland either grasping for power or concerned about Catholics returning
Wyatt RebellionPeople didn't like Mary and Philip marrying
Tyrone RebellionsIreland is the most confusing thing ever
Northern RebellionElizabeths big rebellion carried out by Northumberland and westmorland
Ridolfi PlotA plot to assassinate Elizabeth and replace her with MQS
Throckmorton PlotA plot to assassinate Elizabeth and replace here with MQS...de ja vu?
Parry PlotSee Throckmorton and Ridolfi for description
Babbington PlotSame as the last 3 but managed to get MQS executed as a result
Vestarian ConflictProtestants wanted less Popish robes
Grindal and ProphesysingsGrindal didnt suppress these like Elizabth wanted him to and was suspended as a result
Eds Act of Uniformity and 1st book of common prayerThe Start of Protestantism
Eds Second act of Uniformity and revised book of common prayerNorthumberland wanted to be more radical
Marys Heresy ActLed to her burning loads of heretics
Elizs Acts of Uniformity and SupremacyShe became supreme GOVERNOR of the Church and was the reintroduction of protestantism
Elizs 39 ArticlesWas seen as a compromise, both sides wanted it to swing more in there favor
Elizs acts against Jesuits and Seminary PriestsThese Catholics were sent over to try and reconvert the English, but not on Elizabeth's watch
Fall of SomersetThe Good Duke (Traditionalist) or Dictatorial (Revisionist)
Fall of Northumberland (the Edward one)The Bad Duke (traditionalist) or NorthumberLAD (revisionist)
Treaty of Cateau- CambresisBetween France and Spain
Treaty of EdinburghBetween Scotland and England
Treaty of TroyesBetween England and France
Treaty of BloisBetween England and France
Treaty of JoinvilleBetween Philip II and the French Catholic League
Treaty of NonsuchElizabeth sends Netherlands Troops
Treaty of BerwickEliz and James VI of scotland pledge friendship
Spanish Armada was 'defeated'Apart from all the later ones
War against Spain endsElizabeth just missed it
Essex ExecutedDont burst into the Queens bed chambers and expect to live
Death of LeicesterAt least he had essex to continue his legacy of being a 'wally'
Death of Lord BurghleyOutlasted his rival by 10 years
Battle Of PinkyWINNING

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