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What was 24's favorite beverage?
What was Linda's role in the 4C Wedding?
What was used as the bowling ball during bowling night?
What is Francie's favorite vegetable? (the one she eats on every salad)
Who farts the most in the break room?
What did we toast as 4C's new years resolutions? to _____ and _____
Don't sleep if this person is working
You can find this nurse PMSing every 2 weeks
This food item almost tore Anna and Kim apart
Who did we celebrate by eating KFC?
Whose bottle opener did we use on New Year's Eve?
What were the brand of goggles made for Paul the resident?
Two nurses most likely to be seen dancing and singing along in the med room
Murse most often seen on 4C who does not actually work on the unit
Patient is in V-Tach. They are most likely A) Actually in V-Tach B) Brushing their teeth
Which nurse is most likely to yell at the resident?
This resident and Nadege fought over the charge computer
Nurse with our most favorite accent
Mostly likely to throw away your unlabeled goods
A patient once made Liz C a sundae in a patient's blue bowl. He had this magazine on his table.
Anna's favorite saying 'Hold the ____'
What did Crystal and Lila find one night while wandering the streets? (and posted a picture of it on FB)
Don't ask this nurse to get you a cab, she'll probably take your money.
What did Ruth almost get mugged for?

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