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QuoteWho Said ItChapter
'Rock salt never hurt anyone innocent!'321
'Screw friendship if you like to call it that—I'm sick of all this. I'm just your little tow-along anyway.'Showdown
'…I would say babysitting you, oh hazard-prone one, requires some serious compensation other than your less than welcome early-morning personality…'Cheer
'I thought you weren't allowed into the library anymore.'Warbling
'Can you see me, you crazy omniscient net-addict?'Paint
'Oh man, if he's singing that to Kurt, those are some truly creepy lyrics.'Duels
'Hey, I don't keep tabs on everyone's love lives! I've got way too many episode marathons lined up for that!'Paint
'You're only a real Windsor when you end up doing something like that on a whim.'The Wild One
'Logan is probably the most notorious gay person in this whole campus.'Mismatched
'…that was a great party, wasn't it?'Cookies
'I'm back, you sorry bastards!'Explorers
'Come quick! Blaine's really hot!'Temperature
'And unlike you, who relatively retained dignity, I put up a fight in my dorm room and ended up concussing David with a lacrosse stick.'Voices
'I…followed him. He looked bad. He said he was on a lot of medication.'Come In
'I don't have a beef with Kurt…I'm in love with Kurt.'Sectionals
'I'm telling you, if we want newbies to live long, Hanover may be the place. We uproot them when they're grown a little. Wes sure survived.'Jumping Hurdles
QuoteWho Said ItChapter
'Given your previous colorful history of damage in Windsor affairs, if at any point Blaine and Kurt get really hurt by your antics… we may not be able to remain as civil.'Questions
'Laura, you stay right where you are—I'll be there in a bit and you'd better have a good explanation for this.'Showdown
'Haven't you realized it yet, Alice? You're the only one sane in Wonderland. And I guess that's why trouble finds you.' Warning Signs
'Hey, the world is your playground; it just so happens that the internet is mine.'Jumping Hurdles
'If we get caught like this, I did not touch you, I would never even consider touching you, and it was your fault entirely that we are in a bush at some secluded area of the schoolHell Night
'Shouldn't you be in some European boarding school or something?'Bad Things
'And we told him to stop 'ghost hunting' at the old cathedral! …How's the caretaker doing, by the way?'Pilot: Windsor House
'The only thing they've got in there are secretive people and apparently a deranged stalker.'Hell Night
'Your room's a normal one… Mine is the only odd one, I suppose. All that padding, and I can't have a roommate.'Crossed Swords
'Please. …please don't let me be too late.'Answers
'You…have weaponry…?' Warning Signs
'Don't tell me it's Hummel again, Logan, because you just don't need this **** anymore—'Boundaries
'Hey on the upside…it can only get better from here.'Fallout
'Please…I have to—Blaine—Reed—and Micah! I have to…! Why won't you just let me…?'Blackout
'It's called Google, anyone can do it'Unforgiven

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