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Can you name the impossible facts from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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Who framed Roger Rabbit?
What was the name of the cartoon Roger and Baby Herman starred in?
Where would Roger go if he failed to take care of Baby Herman?
What was the only thing Baby Herman wanted in the opening cartoon?
What is one of the two Acme products in the cartoon?
What was Roger supposed to see when the refridgerator was dropped on his head?
How many times did Raoul drop the refridgerator on Roger's head?
What year did the movie take place?
Who is allowed in the Ink and Paint Club?
What will the Disney toons work for that Eddie won't work for?
What does Maroon call the other fifty he owes Eddie?
What is the speed limit at Maroon Cartoons?
What street is Maroon Cartoons on?
What does Eddie thank the boys for on the red car?
Where did Eddie, Teddy, and Delores go on vacation?
How did Teddy Valiant die?
What was the password to the Ink and Paint Club?
What does Eddie get when he orders scotch on the rocks?
What was one of the three things Roger called Jessica after he saw the pictures of her playing Patty Cake?
What caused Roger to sound like a train?
How does Roger spell 'happy'?
Who first takes Eddie to see Marvin Acme's body?
What was Teddy's desk covered in?
What did Eddie and Teddy in their LAPD picture?
Who came over the wall from Toon Town with his rear end on fire?
Name the third ingredient that makes Dip: Acetone, Benzine,...
What made Baby Herman cry when he went to Eddie's office?
What did Eddie look through when he saw the will in the pictures?
Who knew the directions to Eddie's office?
What two words does Roger use to describe Teddy?
What is one of the names Roger calls the Rot Gut room in the bar?
What does Roger knock over with his eyes in the bar?
When could Roger take his hand out of the hand cuff?
What name do the weasels call Eddie in the bar?
What did Delores say when she caught Eddie with Jessica?
What does Roger call Goofy when they're in the movie theater?
What does Roger say he hates?
What caused Eddie to become such a sourpuss?
What is one thing Eddie remembers about the toon that killed his brother?
When Eddie gets out his toon gun what does he say when the bullets ask him where he's been?
When Eddie shoots at Judge Doom what does he call his bullets?
Why does Jessica love Roger?
What does Eddie call the bear trap in Jessica's dress?
What two names does Bennie give when Roger asks 'Is that you, Bennie?'
What causes Roger to finally see stars?
What song does Eddie play on the Calliope?
Which weasel dies first?
Who does Eddie say is the only one who could come up with that lame brain freeway idea?
What does Jessica say she will do when they get home?
What is this whole world after all?
What is the very last line of the movie?

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