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Which band was the first to perform in all 7 continents?
This member of Nirvana became a part of the '27 club.'
Steve Jobs was a cofounder for________.
What is the most populated country on the planet?
This 1960's cartoon family lives in a utopian future with a dog named Astro.
This famous singer loved peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
John Kennedy was assassinated in____.
This female scientist studied radioactivity.
Marie Antoinette died when she was_____ by a guillotine.
Louis XIV was nicknamed the ___ King.
Julius Caesar was stabbed by many people, including Marcus ______.
In Roman Mythology, _____ is the goddess of love.
Contrary to popular belief, Hercules is the Roman name for the son of Zeus. What is his Greek name?
The color _____ dye used to be extracted from sea snails.
This type of snake was a record 25 feet long in captivity, making it the longest snake ever.
The first episode of Saturday Night Live aired in____.
This poet killed herself by locking herself in a gas oven. Ouch.
Samuel Langhorne Clemens has the pen name of ______ ______.
Alice Walker wrote the novel ___ _____ _____.
Forrest Gump is played by the actor ____ _____.

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