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Can you name the famous fictional witches?

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Sister to Ron and love interest of Harry Potter
''Mistress of All Evil'' who curses Princess Aurora to sleep
Benevolent Disney and fairy tale trope; Cinderella has one
Tentacled sorceress who “helps” Disney’s Ariel to become human
“Bewitching” wife of Darrin Stephens
“Weeping” witch who aids Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pale, frigid witch who conquered Narnia
“Repulsive” alien witch and first antagonist to the Power Rangers
Archetypal witch and antagonist to Banjo and Kazooie; makes a guttural sound
Trio of witches who tempt Macbeth
Trio of witches who are antagonists in the film “Hocus Pocus”
Sisterhood of “witches” in the “Dune” novels
Female channelers of the One Power in “The Wheel of Time” series
Heard-but-not-seen title witch of a 1999 horror film
The Good Witch of the South in the Land of Oz
Imposing moniker of the antagonist in “The Wizard of Oz”
Killed when Dorothy Gale’s house fell on her
Proper name of the green-skinned protagonist of “Wicked”
Magical nanny who rides an umbrella
Sorceress of Arthurian legend
Green-skinned comic book witch; shares name with witch transportation
“Teenage witch” who got her start in Archie Comics
The mightiest and fairest of all the Elves that remained in Middle-earth
Titular witches of a 1984 John Updike novel
Villain and mother of Prince Edward in “Enchanted”
Witch who helps Lyra in “The Golden Compass”
Trio of witches who are the protagonists in the show “Charmed”
Black-clad, black mage guardian to Yuna in “Final Fantasy X”
“Red” magic user and mutant, daughter of Magneto
Bath house owner and antagonist of “Spirited Away”
Anime witch-in-training who delivers goods
Protagonist in “Discworld” series and member of the Lancre coven
Female friend of Harry Potter

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