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Can you name the traitors based on the people they betrayed?

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PersonBetrayed By…Because…
Julius CaesarPrevent a dictatorship
GandalfPower and the One Ring
Indiana JonesGreed; desire for the Grail
American revolutionariesFrustration and bitterness; desire for power
Dave BowmanPreserve the mission
Douglas Quaid''Hey, man, I got five kids to feed!''
Duncan and BanquoAmbition; convinced by his wife
Emperor PalpatineSave his son; return to the light side
Green Lantern CorpsDesire for revenge and power
Han SoloKeep the Empire out of Cloud City
Humans on Caprica and the 12 ColoniesPride; he didn't know any better
Jack (player-character)Defeated Andrew Ryan and no longer needed help
James and Lily PotterDesire for power; sense of inadequacy
1940s NorwayAmbition
James Bond circa 1995Revenge against the British government for his family's demise
Jesus Christ30 pieces of silver
John Hammond, CEO of InGen and park creatorGreed
King ArthurLove for Guinevere
PersonBetrayed By…Because…
King LearAmbition, greed, jealousy, lack of filial respect
Leonidas and the 300 SpartansDenied a chance to fight
Duke Leto AtreidesLove for his wife Wanna
Michael CorleoneBitterness at being passed over in the family
Mr. White, Mr. Pink, Mr. Blonde, etc.Double agent for police
NapoleonHalt a pointless war; coin the term ‘raguser’
Neo''Ignorance is bliss.''
Obi Wan KenobiFear, anger, hate, suffering
OthelloJealousy, ambition, innate evil
Pevensie siblingsJealousy, ambition, Turkish Delights
SamsonGreed; eleven hundred pieces of silver
Sergeant Edmund Exley, LAPDGreed; to protect his criminal racket
Snowball; the other animalsAmbition
STARS TeamDouble agent for Umbrella
Terran factionLeft to die by the Terrans; invested by the Zerg
Tom Clancey’s Soviet UnionDissatisfaction with the USSR after the death of his wife
U.S. During the Cold WarCommunist sympathies
VoldemortLove for Lily Evans

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