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QUIZ: Can you name the common phrases that combine a color and an article of clothing?

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An area of fields, trees, or nature surrounding a city/town
Historical term for the British Army, esp. during the U.S. Revolutionary War
Extra special customer service, usually for deliveries
Large open-source software company known for its version of Linux
Worn by a master of karate
Nickname for the Nazi militia
An overly-optimistic way to see the world
Desk/business jobs, sometimes associated with crime
On film, Dorothy wore this in 'The Wizard of Oz'
Common name for a wasp or bee (or an Ant-Man villain)
Formal attire for weddings and galas
Dutch rock band famous for 'Radar Love' or 'Twilight Zone' or 'When the Lady Smiles'
Andrew Lloyd Webber musical about Joseph and the Amazing ___ ____
Major League Baseball team based in Chicago, IL
Worn by a little girl in a Grimm fairy tale (also a Batman character)
A symbol of high quality; a common prize at a county fair
Working class or manual labor jobs
Award given to excellent fielders in Major League Baseball (U.S.)
A held-back school athlete or a doomed TV character (esp. in 'Star Trek')
Soldiers in the TV show 'Firefly,' or a nickname for fans of the show
In print, Dorothy wore this in 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'
Major League Baseball team based in Boston, MA
Nickname for an ethical computer hacker or security expert
Gifts sung about on the fifth day of Christmas
Nickname for the U.S. (not French) Army Special Forces

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