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Can you name the companies or brands that have an ampersand (&) in the name?

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American record label of Burt Bacharach, Styx, Sting, and Janet Jackson
Oceanic’ supermarket and liquor store chain in the northeast U.S.
U.S. brand of root beer and restaurant chain
Common brand of baking soda; logo shows a limb and a tool
Telecommunications corporation and descendant of Ma Bell
Photo and video equipment store located in New York City
Danish manufacturer of audio products and telephones
Alliterative North American retailer of domestic products
American ice cream company headquartered in Vermont; known for unusual flavors
Philanthropic foundation founded by former CEO of Microsoft and his wife
U.S. power tool and home improvement corporation; has a colorful name
Nonprofit organization whose mission is to ‘enable all young people... to reach their full potential’
Line of dermatology products owned by another company on this list
The 2nd oldest university in the U.S.; located in Virginia
One of the ‘big four’ U.S. accounting firms
Monthly magazine that features recipes, restaurant reviews, and vino recommendations
Swedish retail-clothing company with ‘fast-fashion’ offerings
U.S. tax preparation company; former Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings hates it
Maker of consumer goods such as Tylenol, Splenda, and Listerine
Maker of consumer goods such as CoverGirl, Duracell, and Old Spice

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