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What is one cause of slums?
What is the Hindu God that will come at the end of time?
What is the Hindu God that created the world?
What is the Hindu God that is in charge of the up keep of the world?
What is the Hindu word that means 'what goes around goes around' ?
What is the Hindu peoples word for their religious duty?
What is the largest country in South Asia?
Britain split India into two parts based on ________?
India culture is _______ ?
Being born again based on past actions is a HIndu belief called ________?
What is the other main religion of South Asia besides Hindu?
WHo is the prophet of islam?
What is the pillar of Islam that has to do with the journey back to islam?
what is the feast that the islamic people celebrate that includes the sader meal?
Which religion is polytheistic?
Where are the majority if the islamic people located in the middle east?
The move from rural areas to cities is ________?
A heavily populated area that does not have proper living conditions is a __________?
The islamic Bible is the ____________?
What is the most important resource found in the middle east besides oil?

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