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Can you name the Last Words in Doctor Who?

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Last WordsSpoken by?
'I won't forget you, you know.'
'It's far from being all over. I must get back to the TARDIS immediately. I must go now ... I must go at once ... Ah yes, thank you. Keep warm.'
'I love you.'
'It feels different this time...'
'I don't want to go...'
'What are you doing? No - stop. You're making me giddy. No ... You can't do this to me ... No ... No ... No ...'
'I'll see you again, Mister.'
'The process is simple.'
'Got to stop him ...'
Last WordsSpoken by?
'It's the end. But the moment has been prepared for ...'
'Grandfather - I belong with you.'
'Rose, before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? So was I.'
'Now I'll never know if I was right.'
'See you, Boss.'
'A tear, Sarah Jane? No, don't cry. While there's life, there's ...'
'Please, don't make me go back ...'
'You know, you act like such a lonely man, But look at you - you've got the biggest family on Earth.'

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