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Old English LyricsSong Title
Fornicate the authorities
She heralds from a small village, and she has found herself to be quite lonesome.
Among the 99 conundrum which occupy my time, a female dog is not one.
They attempt to force me into rehabilitation, quoteth I “Nay, nay, nay.”
They observe me enjoying my automobile, they are prejudiced.
I would not say she is mining for precious metals, but she is not associating herself with a man of lower financial status.
On the day prior to this, all of my qualms seemed very distant.
I find that your admiration has excited my mind to a euphoric state frequently associated with illicit substances.
I am to make provocativeness return.
Mother, it was not my intention to make your eyes perspire. On occasions like such, I wish my conception never transpired.
Old English LyricsSong Title
Here are the numerals by which you may contact me. Call me perchance?
I embraced a female, and I found the experience to be pleasurable.
Do you find yourself desiring that your confidante had sexual appeal similar to that of my own?
And the next thing that did occur, that dame descended and descended and descended.
Fling your lock hither and yon.
If thou so enjoyed my company, thou should hath placed a band on this finger.
If you are not getting inebriated, then I firmly request that you exit the premises.
This evening, we have our youth about us. So let us set the world ablaze, possibly brighter than celestial bodies.
I cannot determine what it is, although it is imperative that I have it. I can see that you are in possession of this singular entity.
I find them seated in the lead position, and I find them seated in the rear position. Quickly, I must make up my mind. With whom shall I sit?

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