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He wants to phone home
Simpsons aliens from halloween special (both)
Bugs Bunny nemesis
Small old and green he is
We are from France SNL
Live long and prosper.
______ and Mindy
comic book hero....ahh kryptonite
Character from Dr Who responsible for his deadliest enimies
Born on the lower east side of planet Melmac
Friend to main character in 'Hitchhickers guide to the Universe'.
From a 1987 science fiction movie, cloaking devices
Comic Book Villian from Flash Gordon Comic Books
Alien from ' The day the Earth Stood Still'
Alien played by Christopher lloyd in Buckaroo Bonzai
The bug in Men in Black
Klingon securtiy chief in Star Trek TNG
'Bo-chuda' Star Wars Gangster
Oblong Emissery from 2001 a space odyssey
Stanislow Lem's super-intellegent planet

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