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Player 1's turnWorth 100 points how many fingers do you have
Player 2's turnWorth 100 Points Complete this sentence There are _ Major Home video game consoles
Player 1's turn200 points How Many States are There
Player 2's turn200 points give me a lucky 3 digit number
Player 1's turn300 points What Phone number Do you Call in an emergency
Player 2's turn300 points Jenny's phone number is
Player 1's turn400 points How many mario partys are there
Player 2's turn400 points What Sound Does A Duck Make
Player 1's turn500 points How Much Percent Of Fresh Human Poop is Alive
Player 2's turn500 Points How many a's are in AA Batteries
The Losing Players TurnBONUS!!! For 500 points how Many koopa kids are There not to be confused with koopalings
Player 1's turn600 points 12 x 11 =
Player 2's turn600 Points How Many digits are there in two million three humdred thousand?
Player 1's turn700 Points How Many 39 clues books will there be
Player 2's turn700 Points How Many Harry potter Books Are there
Player 1's turn800 Points What is the best family Video game Of The Year 2008 According to Gamespot
Player 2's turn800 Points 89765-4321=
Player 1's turn900 points How Many Buttons Are On A Insignia Portable Dvd player remote Are there
Player 2's turn900 points What is the most high tech ipod
Player 1's turn1000 points SIMP Means
Player 2's turn1000 points Which Bear is the best (HINT THE OFFICE)
TIE BREAKER1 Point What Is 10 In Roman numerals

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