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Can you name the answers to these impossible questions?

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A poular jappenese mascot that is brownlast year he advertised target for halloween
The easiest Published Quiz on sporcleNot things Meat loaf won't do for love
The Hardest Quiz Published On Sporcle5.03% got it right
The highest ranked published Quiz on sporcleAverage rating 4.78
Most poular Quiz on Sporcle all timePlays 2298990
The name Of the sporcler with the lowest average comment scoreLoves the movie ones
X + X =Latin Numbers
2 4 6 8 10 12 1418 20 22 24 26 28
type 1-88!! In order!!!!!!Why are you looking here for?
Jackie robinsons numberit is retired in every stadium
nintendo mascotLet's ago!
What do people Break there backs over?It's a holiday
The first PresidentU.S.A
what is your response to a question calledyour giving one right now
What is the name of the Greek God of warHe is a bully
What does RHCP Stand forIt's a band
Luke i am your fatherObi-won 'ben' konbi
What is the best selling book by J.K. rowlingMagic
Do the alphbet IN ORDER!!!Sing the song if you forget!
What is the longest running animated T.V. ShowDo'h!
What country did the beatles sing about in the beatles rockbandInspired by the beach boys
What is australia now calledThe continent
What is the Show based on a singerI HATE HER!!!!!!
what is my namedid you do the easy quiz

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