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1991Before they had three children to feed, Anne and Jef (mostly Jef) were feeding generous amounts of bread to THIS aquatic avian.
1992THIS destructive hurricane shares Amanda's birth month.
1993After being babysat by Terry Frick (now Gerosa), which Frick-side hereditary skill did Amanda learn by practicing on paper towels?
1994A big day for Anne and Jef, their first (and fattest) baby boy was born at nearly 10 lbs. Some say Brendan's competitive spirit was also born that day as he lost his first competition against the baby that weighed __ lbs.
1995A bath-time hit, the song 'Ay yi yi yi, in China they never eat ____' hit number 4 on the Bathtub Hot 100 in 1995.
1996The first of many tumultuous Brendan birthdays, what part of Anne Frick caught on fire on Brendan's special day?
1997In the case 'Kids v Parents 1997' a.k.a 'Do we keep the rabbit or the baby?' THIS individual was excommunicated from the Frick family in a controversial decision
1998Although Brendan James Frick was born in 1994, his first two initials were made famous by the unveiling of the relationship between President Bill Clinton and THIS notorious woman, almost four years later.
1999Which of Amanda's movie-based fears caused a change in transportation in the Frick family's return to the US?
2000At the olympics named after the Frick family dog, which host-country swimmer won 3 gold medals and 2 silvers?
2001While Anne and Jef were celebrating their 10th anniversary in St. Michaels, Virginia, the three Frick children, with their Aunt Donna, watched these celestial bodies fall from the sky, signaling an end to diabetes.
2002While babysitting the Frick children in 2002, Virginia Klepfer accidentally taught the most youngest and most malleable Frick his first curse word during a raucous game of jumping monkeys. What was that curse word?
2003At the 2003 WCASD art show, the Frick family celebrated the artistic genius of Amanda in the form of her piece 'Leaves and Spirals.' The artist claimed her best piece was completed in THIS style of illustration.
2004For Anne's 40th birthday, Amanda and Anne had a girls weekend in Gettysburg, Brendan and Anne skied the Poconos; what movie did Colin and Anne see?
2005After a fabulous coaching career, Jef was rewarded with two championship titles and a coach of the year award in 2005. Jef credited his success to THIS well rounded piece of practice equipment.
2006On the 2006 family vacation, what non-baseball profession was printed on cards handed to Jef, happily-married father of three?
2007In order to increase the value of their Shropshire home, Anne and Jef redid the basement, painting the walls yellow and orange, and carpeting the floor THIS color.
2008While fleeing hurricane Ike in 2008 the Frick family stopped by the lovely Texas State History Museum in Austin, TX. Now the Frick family knows that Texas has flown under 6 flags: Spain, Mexico, USA, Confederate States of America, The Republic of Texas, and THIS country.
2009Before he was known as C-Money, the always amicable member of the Frick family was given this nickname in 2009
20102010 was a big year for Jef; his only daughter enrolled at his alma mater, where THIS fat man no longer strolled the sidelines.
2011While James Frick Jr. has a plethora of adjectives to describe the dog who was probably born in 2011, James Frick Sr. only has one. What is that adjective?
2012Widely regarded as a top 3 Frick Family vacation, what missed opportunity kept this trip from #1 in the eyes of the middle Frick child, who never gets his way anyway?
2013The Frick family spent their 2013 Thanksgiving with blue men and shiny legumes in this midwestern city
2014In a cultural tour of Evanston, IL in Fall 2014, the Frick family came across an apocalyptic egg, which is actually a house of worship for THIS inter-continental faith
2015At Halloween 2015, Anne and Jef took home first prize for their spot-on costumes. What was Jef dressed up as?
2016Even after 25 wonderful years of marriage, neither Anne nor Jef Frick has visited THIS contiguous US state.

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