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Does your cat lie in the place of your house with the most traffic?This is a 'Kitty Bomb'
Does your cat meow very loudly in your presence?Your is preparing its battle cry.
Does your cat frequently hide and watch you?Your cat is stalking you.
Does your cat yawn frequently? This is your cat's war face.
Does your cat try to eat your fish?Your cat is testing its reflexes
Does your cat bat at you in your sleep?Your cat is refining its fighting skills
Does your cat frequently dart out of rooms when you enter?This is a failed ambush.
Does your cat give you 'Gifts'?Those are warnings
Does your cat scratch everything in sight?Your cat is preparing its calws for battle
Have you answered yes to every one of these questions?1-2 Your cat is good, 2-4 your cat might be plotting to kill you, 4-10 Your cat is definately out for blood.

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