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Can you name the organic compounds?

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compound description (hydrogens are implname
2 carbons attached by a double bond
a ring of 6 carbons attached by single bonds
a ring of 6 carbons attached by alternating single and double bonds
cahin of 3 carbons with an oxygen double bonded to the middle carbon
four carbons with a triple bond between the two middle carbons
one carbon with an oxygen double bonded to it
one carbon with two chlorines and one fulorine bonded to it
two carbons bonded with a double bond with two bromine atoms on one carbon and another on the other
nine carbons bonded all with single bonds with a chlorine on the fisrt and last with an oxygen single bonded to the third carbon with a hydrogen attached to the other side of the o
ring of five carbons with a double bond attaching two of them with one chlorine on each carbon

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