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The character who had cancer
The one who ran away to Mexico
The one who was in a coma
The one cheated with a waitor
The one who paralyzed Aaron
The one almost moved to DC
The one who met someone in France
The one who had a spandex incident
The one who is much younger
The one who thought was related
The one who has dimensia
The one who tried to trick both Sarah and Holly
The one who had a grudge and tried to steal the company
The name of the business
The name of the radio show Nora hosts
The one who got Kitty pregnant
Sarah's daughter
The one who is an artist
The one who is Elizabeths biological dad
The one who cheated for 20 years
The one who kissed Rebecca(while she was still a Walker)
The one(s) who ran for senate
The one who fought in Iraq
The one who embezzled
The one with the best roast chicken
The one who came out at 70
The one who was a surugate
The ones who opened Cafe 429
The one does pro bono work
The one who holds the family together

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