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Is it possible to name all 218 custom tracks from MrBean35000vr and Chadderz's CTGP-R v1.03.1044?

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Blooper Cup
Mega Mushroom Cup
Thundercloud Cup
Bob-omb Cup
Fake Item Cup
Golden Mushroom Cup
Spring Cup
Fireball Cup
Red Shell Cup
Blue Shell Cup
Bullet Bill Cup
Chain Chomp Cup
Mii Outfit C Cup
Poison Mushroom Cup
Ice Flower Cup
Propellor Cup
Hammer Bro Cup
Wiggler Cup
Penguin Suit Cup
Bee Mushroom Cup
Rock Mushroom Cup
1UP Cup
Feather Cup
Shine Sprite Cup
Yoshi Egg Cup
Stone Tanooki Cup
Birdo Egg Cup
Bowser Shell Cup
Metal Mushroom Cup
Luigi Fireball Cup
Pencil Cup
Grand Star Cup
Boo Cup
Spin Drill Cup
Star Bits Cup
Lava Bubble Cup
Cheep Cheep Cup
Ice Bro Cup
Gold Flower Cup
Question Block Cup
Cloud Flower Cup
Brick Block Cup
Blue Coin Cup
Green Star Cup
Goomba Cup
Lakitu Cup
Volt Shroom Cup
Acorn Cup
Shy Guy Cup
Thwomp Cup
Piranha Plant Cup
Boomerang Flower Cup
Rainbow Cup

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