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Hint on the logoCar Logos
A type of pyramid in the middle(looks like it) and a line surronuding.
Hint on the logoCar Logos
A M in the middle with arrows on the edge.
A white lion in the middle and backround red
Hint on the logoCar Logos
A kind of S shape going up the middle with lines in it.
A tiger face in the middle of a circle in the middle.
Old Logo: An A in the middle. New Logo: Like a flag shape in red and grey.
A trianglar logo shape with a tall thin M and a fat M.
It's like the italian flag in the middle but oval shape.
An oval car logo with the answer in the middle with white text.
A trianglar G at the bottum of the logo.
Blue and white with a funny drawing
Grey shied and T at the bottum.
A logo with a lion breathing out fire with a crown (background:blue)
An eagle in the middle,black background and yellow text at the top saying the answer.

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