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In his first year, Harry is asked to get a book for charms - who wrote it? (Book 1)
Who interviewed Rita Skeeter after Dumbledores death?(Book 7)
What are the first names of all the Three Brothers in alphabetical order? (Book 7)
What is Professor Grubbly-Plank's first name? (Book 5)
What is the only ingredient in Polyjuice Potion I don't mention - Leeches, Fluxweed, Knotgrass, Lacewing flies, Boomslang skin and a bit of the person you're turning into? (Book 2)
What specific colour is Petunia's dress when the Masons come round? (Book 2)
What is the incantation used to vanquish the Dark Mark? (Book 4)
Name the owner of the elder wand who had it taken from him by his own son. (Book 7)
Complete the rhyme - Devil's Snare, Devil's Snare, it's deadly fun... (Book 1)
Name both Gurgs. (Book 5)
Name the technical term for everlasting fire. (Book 5)
Lockhart has a secret ambition to market his own range of what? (Book 2)
What is Sirius' vault number? (Book 3)
Name one of the children taken into the cave by Voldemort. (Book 6)
What does Hermione give Harry for his 13th Birthday? (Book 3)
Give one detail of Cedric Diggory's wand. (Book 4)
Name the spell used to make it stop raining in Bletchley's office. (Book 7)
Who holds the record for the most Quaffle drops in one season? (Book 7)
Which Quidditch team's symbol is a golden bullrush? (Book 7)
Name the type of bean used in the draft of living death. (Book 6)

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