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Can you name the Top 20 Favorite Movies, can you name them??

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Directed By1-50Year Released
Martin Scorsese2010
Charles Binamé2005
Wes Craven1984
Clint Eastwood2008
Frank Darabont1994
David Wain2012
Clint Eastwood2003
Robert Zemeckis2000
Roman Polanski2002
Johnathan Liebesman2003
Adam McKay2006
John Lasseter1995
Christopher Nolan2012
Peter Berg2004
Sam Mendes2012
Casey La Scala2003
M. Night Shyamalan2008
The Vicious Brothers2011
Christopher Nolan2005
Wes Craven1987
Catherine Hardwicke2005
Christopher Nolan2008
Sam Weisman1994
Robert Zemeckis1990
John Carpenter1978
Gary Ross2012
Clint Eastwood1992
Frank Darabont1999
Tommy Lee Wallace1990
Ronny Yu2003
Quentin Tarantino2009
Pete Docter2001
Rob Reiner1986
Steve Miner1981
Oren Peli2007
Marc Webb2012
Wolfgang Reitherman1967
Scott Wiper2007
Tim Burton1989
Chris Columbus2001
Peter Cornwell2009
Rob Reiner1990
Fritz Kiersch1984
Andrew Adamson2001
Mikael Hafstrom2007
Michael Bay2001
Renny Harlin1988
David Yates2007
Steven Spielberg1993
James Cameron2009

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