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Location of the Secret Shrine
Keeps his diary in a seldom-visited room
Trigger's a brief, humorous cutscene with a mini-boss battle
Found behind the gates of the laundy pool
Prevents Sakon from 'borrowing' Link's sword
Kept in a cage near the observatory
In Rupees, price of Big Bomb Bag in the Curiosity Shop
Relation of the Deku Butler to the hollowed-out scrub beneath Clock Town
Room Link receives the key to in the Stock Pot Inn
Bottle item Link can obtain through use of a mask in the Stock Pot Inn
Challenge Link to a ring-based race
Along with a Heart Piece, found in the final room of each Moon Dungeon
Temple containing most of the beehives in Majora's Mask
Location outside Clock Town Link can trigger a Keaton Quiz
Region of Clock Town Link can find the Great Fairy and Tingle
Reward for ultimately reuniting Anju and Kafei
Where Gorman is first found on Day One
Amount of Gold Skulltulas found in Oceanside Spider House
Mask that can be used to access a chest area in the Bomber's Hideout
Direction of Clock Town (region) where Link can find Takkuri, a man in a tree, and a grotto to purchase a Heart Piece

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