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QUIZ: Climbing the 46 ADK High Peaks is a memorable experience for many. But how much do you remember about these mountains?

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Ermine Brook Slide
The Brothers/Yard loop
Herd path near Ward Brook lean-to approached from the west, passing an eroded slide
The Beckhorn
Loop includes Little ____ on one side and Panther Gorge on the other
Lake Tear-of-the-Clouds
Carry a rock up to the summit cairn for good weather, so they say
The Trap Dike; Avalanche Pass
Share 'the sheer joy of climbing' the 15-year-old lost hiker who discovered it
Tahawus AKA Cloudsplitter
One of the easiest ascents from any junction, the herd path quickly reaches a summit full of trees, one with a summit marker about 20' overhead
East Dix, renamed 06/12/14
'Miserable wilderness' in Indian
Herd path from the southwest of its Indian neighbor peak serves as a 'boundary'
Most popular easy 46er easily accessed from its namesake lake
Named for 'Old Mountain' man, boasting big views of Marcy
Not its Nubble or its Washbowl, but the peak of this mountain 'of the valley'
Near Indian Falls, pass the more popular ascent and head past the cairn
Perhaps as popular as popular 46er finale as a ski destination
Tack on non-46er Pyramid or take the 'cable route'
Its namesake Scenic Trail overlooks the Lower Ausable
Its summit is a short walk from Ore Bed Brook Slide or its infamous cliffs
Almost renamed for a nearby 46er; Elk Pass
More fun than Benny's Root Canal on the range
Same name as Lincoln's Secretary of State and the range in which it falls, as its highest peak
Much of the this remote, roughly 18-mile route can be seen from the summit of Redfield
Plane crash a short detour from the summit; these brothers weren't manning the aircraft
Named for Ebenezer, reputed for naming the Adirondacks with the claim to Marcy's first recorded ascent
Little ____ , Cascade Lakes, or Blueberry Mountain via Marcy Airfield
So-called bushwhack features an oft-missed summit sign about 20' overhead near its wooded summit
Not Pough, but its rhyming neighbor
Approach its namesake slide from Elk Lake
Just a mile from Slant Rock and the Shorey Shortcut
On the right day, you could have some blueberries at the well-named cobble before gazing upon Vermont's Green Mountains, Lake Champlain, and its 'huge' neighbor
Proposed Carson Peak
Peak second to Marcy, if only in terms of elevation, according to many
Ladders, ladder, ladders...named for a lumberjack
Named for great ADK surveyor who left his 'mark' on many summits
Named for said surveyor's assistant
Drains into Upper Twin Brook and then the Opalescent
Near Times Square, climbers often ascend its namesake brook herd path
Cross Indian Brook and take the herd path to a junction; 'S' is for Sreet; 'N' is for...
Often approached via St. Hubert's and an ascent of non-46er Bear Den
Calkin's Brook peak; not Emmons, but...
Climb it via Uphill Brook near the lean-to
The false summit 0.4 miles from the true peak has fooled many passing by this Great Range peak

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