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Argatroban might cause a false elevation in INR of __-__ points. (enter as # - #)
Normal prothrombin time is __-__ seconds (enter as # - #)
The goal aPTT for UFH therapy is ___-___. (enter as # - #)
Brand Name Warfarin
T or F: Enoxaparin inhibits factor II more than factor X.
T or F: Cholestyramine interferes with warfarin absorption.
Treatment dose of Fondaparinux for a patient < 50kg is: ___mg
Fondaparinux prophylactic dosing is: ___mg SQ every 24 hours
Heparin's antidote
Fondaparinux works through anti-___a activity only.
T or F: UFH therapeutic uses include: prophylaxis & treatment of DVT/PE, acute coronary syndromes, and atrial fibrillation.
UFH inactivates factors: ___ (most), X, IX, XI, and XII.
Monitoring parameters of Warfarin are: prothrombin time and ____
UFH prophylactic dosing is: _____ units SQ every 8-12 hours.
Fondaparinux monitoring may include: ___
Dabigatran is indicated for: ____ ____
UFH target patients include all except: (a) immobile (b) post-op (c) trauma (d) spinal cord injuries (e) all of the above are target patients.
T or F: Fondaparinux treatment dosing is weight based.
T or F: If a patient experiences HIT I on UFH therapy, stop the treatment stat.
When using Enoxaparin, anti-Xa should be monitored if the patient is _____, pregnant, or has renal insufficiency.
When on Lepirudin, ____ should be monitored every 4 hours until stable.
Warfarin's R-isomer is metabolized by CYP450 3A4 & ___
Toxic monitoring parameters of Enoxaparin include: ____ and signs of bleeding.
UFH toxic monitoring includes: bleeding complications and ___ every other day x 2 weeks or until stopped
T or F: Direct thrombin inhibitors have a reversal agent.
Warfarin's S-isomer is metabolized by CYP450 ___.
Warfarin also interferes with endogenous anticoagulant proteins ___ & S.
T or F: Argatroban is given as a continuous IV infusion and requires dose adjustment for hepatic impairment.
Warfarin inhibits vitamin K _______ reductase.
Brand Name Fondaparinux
Enoxaparin's starting PROPHYLACTIC dose is: ___mg SQ BID or 40mg SQ daily.
Brand Name Lepirudin
Treatment dose of Fondaparinux for a patient weighing > 100kg is: ___mg
T or F: Fondaparinux administration might produce injection site reactions.
Normal INR is __-__ (enter as # - #)
Enoxaparin works by enhancing the activity of _____.
T or F: Possible drug interactions with Dabigatran include p-glycoprotein inhibitors or inducers, e.g. PPIs and antacids.
Dabigatran dosing is: ___mg PO BID.
UFH therapeutic monitoring for treatment doses includes: ___
T or F: UFH treatment doses are given as a continuous IV.
T or F: Warfarin is approved for prophylaxis & treatment of DVT/PE, acute MI, prosthetic heart valves, atrial fibrillation, and inherited clotting disorders.
Warfarin interferes with clotting factors: ___, ___, ___, and ___. (enter in order of longest to shortest time; separate answers by commas))
Fondaparinux is used for prophylaxis & treatment of DVT/PE, ACS, and ___ (not FDA approved)
T or F: Fondaparinux has more thrombocytopenia than LMWH.
Brand Name UFH
Phytonadione Brand Name
Argatroban is indicated for HIT or ____
Lepirudin, Argatroban, and Dabigatran all work by directly inhibiting _______.
Side effects of Dabigatran are bleeding and _________.
T or F: Phytonadione (Vitamin K analog) is an antidote to warfarin.
Possible side effects of Warfarin include: bleeding, ____ necrosis, and purple toe syndrome.
Brand Name Enoxaparin
Treatment dose of Fondaparinux for a patient weighing 50-100kg is: ___mg
Lepirudin is indicated for ____ treatment in HIT patients.
Side effects of UFH therapy include: bleeding, _________, HIT I, HIT II, and osteopenia.
Warfarin works by interfering with _______ synthesis of vitamin K dependent clotting factors.
Some side effects of Enoxaparin include: bleeding, thrombocytopenia, and ____ at the injection site.
Enoxaparin's starting TREATMENT dose is: ___mg/kg SQ BID or 1.5mg/kg daily.
T or F: Enoxaparin requires dose adjustment in renal impairment.
Dabigatran dosing in renal impairment (CrCl 15-30mL/min) is ___mg PO BID
Warfarin dosing is: initiate __mg PO after UFH or LMWH initiated.
UFH works by binding to ______, converting it from a slow inhibitor to a rapid inhibitor of thrombin.
Enoxaparin is indicated for the treatment & prophylaxis of DVT/PE and acute MI/_____ angina.
Lepirudin's dose is given as a ______ infusion.
Brand Name Dabigatran
T or F: 2C9 & 3A4 inhibitors and decreased vitamin K DECREASE the effect of warfarin.
T or F: If a patient experiences HIT II on UFH therapy, stop treatment immediately.
T or F: Patient education regarding enoxaparin should include teaching the patient how to inject the drug.
UFH treatment dosing is: ___units/kg bolus followed by 18 units/kg/hour.

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