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Possible drug interactions may occur with Cilostazol since it's metabolized via CYP450 ____.
T or F: Pentoxifylline should be D/C if no benefits are seen in 2 months
Clopidogrel's side effects include all of the following except: (a) abdominal pain (b) N/V (c) constipation (d) HA/dizziness (e) increased risk of bleeding (f) palpitations
ASA starting doses are __-__mg daily (enter as # - #)
T or F: Patients on Clopidogrel should be advised to use caution with OTC NSAIDs and herbal supplements with antiplatelet action.
Ticlodipine Brand Name
Ticlodipine monitoring includes CBC every 2 weeks for the first __ months.
T or F: ASA is the DOC unless contraindicated.
Cilostazol dosing may be decreased to __mg PO BID if drug interactions occur.
Cilostazol works by inhibiting __________III which blocks platelet aggregation and causes vasodilation via prevention of Ca-induced contractions.
T or F: Pentoxifylline's side effects include: upset stomach, N/V, HA, and dizziness.
Possible drug interactions with Pentoxifylline include: _______ (monitor this) and cimetidine.
Side effects of Cilostazol include: HA, dizziness, peripheral edema, and ________.
Brand Name Clopidogrel
Brand Name Pentoxifylline
Toxic monitoring parameters of Ticlodipine include: neutropenia, TTP, or ____ anemia; which become rare after 3 months of therapy.
Ticlodipine dosing is ___mg PO BID with food.
T or F: It's recommended to use both clopidogrel and aspirin.
Brand Name Cilostazol
Pentoxifylline works by decreasing fibrinogen and ____ blood viscosity.
T or F: Pentoxifylline dose may be reduced to BID if side effects are noted.
ASA therapy requires monitoring of ___ bleeding
Clopidogrel's starting dose is: __mg PO daily
Pentoxifylline dose should be 400mg PO ____ if CrCl is 10-50 mL/min.
Cilostazol may increase walking distance ___% after 3-6 months of treatment.
A Black Box warning for Cilostazol is to avoid use in patients with ____.
Pentoxifylline dosing is ___mg PO TID
Ticlodipine side effects include all of the following except: (a) headache (b) dizziness (c) diarrhea (d) N/V
Clopidogrel is used as an alternative ___, but is much more expensive.
ASA has interactions with dipyridamole and _______.
Aspirin works by irreversibly inhibiting cyclooxygenase which decreases platelet aggregation by limiting the production of ______.
ASA decreases risk of death from vascular causes, MI, and stroke by ___%
Clopidogrel and Ticlodipine work by decreasing platelet-fibrinogen binding by blocking ____ receptors on platelets.
Ticlodipine may inhibit metabolism through CYP450: 3A4, 2C9, and ____.
Pentoxifylline dose should be 400mg PO ___ if CrCl < 10mL/min.
T or F: Patients taking ASA should be warned to be careful of other ASA containing OTC products
Clopidogrel's drug interactions occur with moderate to strong CYP450 ____ inhibitors.
Cilostazol dosing is ___mg PO BID 30 mins before meals or 2 hours after meals.
T or F: Cilostazol may be added to ASA therapy.
T or F: Black Box warnings for Ticlodipine include: neutropenia, agranulocytosis, and thrombic thrombocytopenic pupura.
T or F: Pentoxifylline therapeutic use is controversial.

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