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T or F: Bacterial infections are more common than viral.
Stage of COPD if FEV1 < 50% predicted
This COPD 'type' has structural changes demonstrated by narrowing of peripheral airways due to fibrosis.
Which of the following is not a culprit of bacterial respiratory infections: Streptococcus pneumoniae; Haemophilus influenzae; Legionella pneumophilia; or Moraxella catarrhalis.
In COPD, decreased gas exchange results in hypoxemia and ___________.
Moderate Stage COPD therapy includes the same recommendations as the mild stage but adds regular treatment with one or more ___________ (when needed).
Main example of a methylxanthine
Tiotropium Therapeutic Use
T or F: Rehabilitation in COPD is important because it can address non-pulmonary issues.
Dosing and Frequency of Advair HFA
Mucolytics are or are not recommended in COPD pts.
Fluticasone Brand Name
The two most common causes of exacerbations are ________ ________ and air pollution.
T or F: Theophylline is a last line therapy because of serum monitoring and it's toxic effects.
COPD can lead to ____-sided HF.
Does a productive cough in COPD pts lean more towards bronchitis or emphysema?
T or F: Inhalation exposures are the biggest risk factor for COPD.
Dosing and Frequency of Tiotropium
T or F: The BODE index addresses the importance of systemic manifestations of COPD and effect on mortality.
Inhalation exposures (COPD risk factors) include: occupational dust, gas, and fumes, indoor and outdoor air pollution, and __________.
Hypoxic vasoconstriction of small pulmonary arteries can cause _____________ __________.
T or F: Antibiotics can increase antibiotic resistance and are only indicated in the presence of a bacterial infection.
Cor pulmonale is indicated by _____ of the ankles.
Maximum number of doses per day of Duoneb
Dosing and Frequency of Fluticasone
T or F: Spirometry measurements are accurate during an exacerbation.
T or F: Patient education is important during all stages of COPD.
This COPD 'type' is an abnormal permanent enlargement of airspaces accompanied by destruction of alveolar walls and reduced elasticity.
COPD's pulmonary component is progressive and characterized by air flow limitation that is ___________, indicating fixed airway narrowing.
T or F: In COPD pts, dyspnea is progressive and worsens w/ exercise.
T or F: Very Severe Stage COPD pts shouldn't consider surgical tx as a therapy option.
Nebulizer product with an albuterol base + ipratropium
Dosing and Frequency of Combivent
Stage of COPD if FEV1 > 80% predicted
True or False: Rehabilitation may be added into therapy for Moderate stage COPD.
T or F: All COPD pts benefit from exercise training programs. Results include: decreased exercise tolerance and decreased Sxs of dyspnea.
Severe Stage COPD therapy includes the same recommendations as moderate stage COPD, but with the option of adding a(n) ___________ if repeated exacerbations.
Dosing and Frequency of Budesonide
Asthma is distinguished by _________ in lung function with bronchodilator administration.
Very Severe Stage COPD therapy builds off Severe Stage therapy but allows for the addition of long-term ____ if in chronic respiratory failure.
Tiotropium Drug Class
Salmeterol Brand Name
Dosing and Frequency of Ipratropium
What is the most effective (and cost effective) intervention to slow progression of COPD?
Stage of COPD if FEV1 < 80% predicted
Product containing Fluticasone + Salmeterol
Product containing budesonide + formoterol
Term for a chronic production cough with unknown etiology.
T or F: All Sxs must be present in order to diagnose COPD.
T or F: The 2 main goals of Tx are to: reduce risk factors and treat Sxs with medications while minimizing adverse effects.
T or F: Antitussives are okay to use in COPD pts.
Stage of COPD if FEV1 < 30% predicted OR FEV1 < 50% predicted w/ chronic respiratory failure
The two vaccinations recommended in COPD are: __________ & ___________
T or F: Spirometry is used in COPD to index disease severity, confirm airway limitation, assess response to therapy, monitor for disease progression, differentiate between asthma a
Just the frequency of Duoneb
Tiotropium Brand Name
A short course of prednisolone (___-40mg) may be given to COPD pts during an exacerbation.
Does a non-productive cough in COPD pts lean more towards emphysema or bronchitis?
Dosing and Frequency of Albuterol
Mild Stage COPD therapy includes active reduction of risk factors; vaccinations; and the addition of a ____________ (when needed).
Formoterol Brand Name
T or F: LABAs are approved as monotherapy in COPD
Dosing and Frequency of Dulera
Oral glucocorticoids should only be given to COPD pts suffering an exacerbation if they are Stages __-__
COPD exacerbations are characterized by all of the following except: a) change in baseline dyspnea; cough and/or sputum production b) FEV1 < 60% c) acute onset d) warranting a chan
T or F: A cough (in those with COPD) can precede airflow limitation by several years.
T or F: Evidence suggests that thinning or increasing the clearance of mucous secretions (via mucolytics OR increased fluid intake) is beneficial.
This COPD 'type' is characterized by increased mucous.
T or F: Only 1 vaccination is recommended for COPD pts.
T or F: Intensifying inhaled therapy for an exacerbation could involve increasing the dose or frequency of short-acting agents and adding an anticholinergic agent if pt isn't alrea
T or F: In COPD pts, dyspnea is initially intermittent and eventually becomes persistent (daily).
Dosing and Frequency of Advair Diskus
T or F: 'At home' management of exacerbations can include: intensifying inhaled therapy, initiating antibiotics (if bacterial infection confirmed), and beginning oral glucocorticos
MDI product with an albuterol base + ipratropium
T or F: Sputum production (in those with COPD) can precede airflow limitation by several years.
T or F: Smoking cessation is the only known risk factor reduction proven to improve FEV1.
Dosing and Frequency of Salmeterol
Dosing and Frequency of Symbicort
The three main Sxs of COPD are: cough, sputum production, and ________.
_________ use in end-stage COPD to control dyspnea may have serious adverse effects such as respiratory depression.
Dosing and Frequency of Formoterol
T or F: Patient education can improve patient's ability to cope with illness and can improve medication adherence and admin technique.
T or F: Leukotriene Modifiers have been shown to be beneficial in COPD treatment.
T or F: Patient education improves patient response to exacerbations.
Dosing and Frequency of Mometasone
The recommended duration of therapy for oral glucocorticosteroids in a COPD exacerbation is __ days.
T or F: Continuous prophylactic use of antibiotics has been shown to decrease exacerbations.
T or F: The three 'types' of COPD are only diagnosed as a form of COPD when airflow limitation is irreversible.
Ipratropium Brand Name
Mometasone Brand Name
Budesonide Brand Name
What other pharmacologic therapy is utilized in the end stage of COPD to 'trick' the brain into thinking breathing is easier?
Product containing mometasone + formoterol
T or F: The post-bronchodilator FEV1/FVC ratio is < 0.80 in COPD.

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