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T or F: Amiodarone can be used for both rhythm control AND rate control.
Dabigatran is a ______ inhibitor.
Term for A. Fib that lasts > 7 days; no termination.
Dofetilide's main drug interaction is with _____.
Phase where sodium and potassium exchange is the major movement.
T or F: Flecainide's adverse effects include: aggravation of HF, blurred vision, hypotension, and VT.
Diltiazem's PO dosing is: ___ - ___mg daily for sustained release. (enter as # - #)
Sotalol's dosing is: ___-___mg/day PO (enter answer as # - #)
T or F: Anticoagulation therapy is NOT recommended throughout pregnancy for all patients.
Brand Name Diltiazem
Verapamil V-W Classification: Type____
T or F: Patients with HF do worse on Dronedarone than Amiodarone.
Digoxin's IV or PO maintenance dose is: ____ - ____mg daily. (enter as # - #)
T or F: Beta-blockers indirectly work on Ca channels to prevent re-entry into the cell.
A beta-blocker is most helpful in tachycardias resulting from abnormal _________.
Ibutilide's contraindications are 'relative' regarding cardiac arrhythmias and ___ prolongation.
Sympatholytic's MOA includes _____ ventricular rate in response to atrial tachycardia.
Phase where potassium efflux is the major movement.
Digoxin's IV or PO loading dose is: ___mg every 2 hours up to a max of 1.5mg.
Clinically important side effects of beta blockers include: bradycardia and ________.
Metorpolol's PO dosing is: ___-___mg BID. (enter answer as # - #)
Type 1c drugs' MOA includes decreasing conduction velocity and _______.
What is the most common symptom of atrial fibrillation?
Brand Name Metoprolol (regular release)
Which of the following is NOT an adverse effect of Propafenone: (a) bronchospasm (b) hypotension (c) VT (d) dizziness (e) fatigue
Diltiazem's IV dosing is: load ___mg over 2 min, then 5-15mg/hr.
Term for A. Fib that has 2+ episodes.
Brand Name Digoxin
When taking Amiodarone, GI tract and TSH & T4 should be monitored with a baseline and then every __ months.
In pregnant women with AF, ___, CCB, or digoxin is recommended for rate control.
Verapamil's IV dosing is: load ___-___mg over 2 min then 5-10mg/hr. (enter as # - #)
T or F: Dofetilide prolongs refractoriness in atrial and ventricular tissue.
Type II V-W drugs are ________ and have some calcium channel blockade.
Propafenone's PO dose is: ___-___mg/day. (enter as # - #)
Ibutilide's dosing is: load __mg IV; may repeat in 10 min.
Dofetilide's main adverse effect is _______.
Flecainide's 'pill in pocket' dosing is: ___-___mg PO x 1 dose for cardioconversion. (enter answer as # - #)
Amiodarone should only be used for _____ control in patients unresponsive to other treatments.
Term for A. Fib w/ an onset within 48 hours.
T or F: Digoxin is NOT used in pregnancy.
Phase where calcium influx is the major movement and is also the 'plateau phase'
T or F: Dabigatran works by preventing thrombin-induced platelet aggregation and development of a thrombus by inhibiting conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin.
T or F: Sympatholytics used to be recommended in all patients undergoing cardiac surgery to prevent AF.
T or F: Digoxin's therapeutic uses include being used in combo with amiodarone in patients with HF.
CCBs major contraindication is ____ heart failure.
Heart related side effects of Amiodarone include: __________ and AV block; it also may be considered proarrhythmia.
Which V-W classes are attributed to rate control? (enter as '___ and ___')
T or F: When taking Amiodarone, an ocular exam should be performed for a baseline and then if symptoms occur.
Propafenone is contraindicated in patients with heart disease and should be used with caution in patients with _______
Which drug not classified in the V-W system is good for rate control?
Brand Name Dronedarone
Which V-W classes are attributed to rhythm control? (enter answer as ___,____,___, and ____)
T or F: Amiodarone's rhythm control use pertains to pharmacologic cardio conversion.
Diltiazem's side effects include: dizziness, headache, and ___ block.
T or F: Amiodarone is contraindicated in pts with a QTc >440msec.
Verapamil's PO dosing of SR formulation is: ___-___mg daily (enter as # - #)
Metoprolol V-W Classification: Type____
T or F: Beta-blockers are only useful in ventricular arrhythmias.
T or F: Type 1c drugs extinguish the impulse to eliminate re-entry
Dabigatran's monitoring parameters are: ____.
Propafenone's IV dose is: ___-___ mg/kg IV over 10-20 minutes. (enter as # - #)
Adenosine's is contraindicated in all of the following except: (a) AF (b) atrial flutter (c) VT (d) QTc > 440msec
Type III V-W drugs block ____ channels.
Amiodarone's MOA includes ______ refractory period and delaying repolarization by blocking K channels.
Dabigatran's contraindications include: __________.
Propafenone V-W Classification: Type____
Dronedarone is contraindicated in patients with a QTc > ____ msec
Diltiazem V-W Classification: Type____
Brand Name Esmolol
Brand Name Sotalol
Ibutilide's adverse effects include: torsades de pointes and ________.
Ibutilide V-W Classification: Type____
Brand Name Adenosine
Adenosine V-W Classification: Type____
Phase where calcium influx is major movement.
Adverse effects of verapamil include: ____ and hypotension.
Type I V-W drugs block ____ channels.
Brand Name Amiodarone
Amiodarone's oral dosing is _____mg/day for 1 week, then 400mg/day for 1 month, then 200mg/day for maintenance.
Metoprolol's IV dosing is: ___mg at 1mg/min x 6 hours.
T or F: Dronedarone is used for rate control.
T or F: Amiodarone's risk of bradycardia and AV is DECREASED when used concurrently with CCBs or beta-blockers.
An important side effect of Amiodarone is __________ pneumonitis
Phase where sodium influx is major movement.
Term for A. Fib that has no termination despite attempts.
Amiodarone's conversion from IV to PO: if on IV < ___ week, load with oral followed by maintenance.
Brand Name Verapamil
Dofetilide V-W Classification: Type____
Amiodarone V-W Classification: Type____
T or F: Adenosine should be used with caution in patients with bronchoconstrictive or bronchospastic disease.
Amiodarone's IV dosing is ____-_____mg IV bolus (10min), 1mg/min x 6 hrs, then 0.5mg/min thereafter. (enter answer as # - #)
Sotalol's side effects include all of the following except: (a) hypotension (b) fatigue (c) bronchospasm (d) torsades de pointes
Flecainide's IV dosing is: ___-___mg/kg IV over 10-20 minutes. (enter as # - #)
T or F: Amiodarone does NOT require much monitoring.
Brand Name Dabigatran
When taking Amiodarone, a chest x-ray and ECG should be monitored with a baseline and then ______.
Brand Name Propafenone
Antidote for Digoxin toxicity.
T or F: Dabigatran's therapeutic uses include: anticoagulant, A. fib, DVT, PE prophylaxis, and stroke prophylaxis.
T or F: Dabigitran has drug interactions with: amiodarone, rifampin, and other thrombolytic agents.
T or F: Sotalol is considered a 'mixed agent' and possesses some beta-blocking properties.
Brand Name Ibutilide
Amiodarone's conversion from IV to PO: if on IV > 1 week, start on _______ dose.
In pregnancy, ____ is recommended in women who become hemodynamically unstable.
T or F: Dofetilide dosing needs to be adjusted for renal impairment.
Ibutilide's main therapeutic use is ________.
Flecainide is contraindicated in chronic sustained AF and ____ _____.
Dabigatran's dosing is: ___mg PO BID.
Adenosine works by producing a ____ AV block therefore breaking the re-entrant circuit.
T or F: Dofetilide must be started in the hospital.
Esmolol V-W Classification: Type____
Type IV V-W drugs block ____ channels.
When taking Amiodarone, skin and CNS should be checked at _____ visit.
Sotalol V-W Classification: Type____
T or F: Amiodarone is mostly Type III, but has properties of all V-W class types.
Digoxin works by slowing conduction through the AV node and also has a _____ inotropic effect.
Sympatholytics work by _____ conduction velocity and automaticity.
T or F: Sotalol's class III effects are best seen at a low dose.
Flecainide is indicated for use in only _______ AF/AFL.
Brand Name Flecainide
Brand Name Metoprolol (extended release)
Digoxin's adverse effects include all of the following except: (a) edema (b) diarrhea (c) N/V (d) visual disturbances
Dabigatran's side effects include GI issues and increased risk of ______.
Adenosine's dosing is: __mg x 1 dose; can follow with 12mg IV if lower dose ineffective.
T or F: Amiodarone decreases the concentrations of warfarin, digoxin, class 1a agents, flecainide, phenytoin, and cyclosporine.
Verapamil's PO dosing of regular release formulation is: ___-___mg TID (enter as # - #)
Sotalol is contraindicated in asthma and renal impairment (CrCl < ___ mL/min)
Term for A. Fib that terminates spontaneously in < 7 days.
Propafenone's 'pill in pocket' dose is ____mg PO x 1 dose for cardioconversion.
T or F: Dofetilide is contradindicated if QTc > 440msec
Esmolol's dosing is ______mcg/kg bolus, then ____mcg/kg/min and titrate to effect. (enter answer as # , #)
Diltiazem's PO dosing is: ___-___mg TID or QID for regular release. (enter as # - #)
Flecainide V-W Classification: Type____
Dofetilide's dosing for cardioconversion is ___mcg PO BID, which may be reduced to ___mcg PO BID if QTc prolongs. (enter as # , #)
Dronedarone V-W Classification: Type____
Brand Name Dofetilide

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