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Tapper, Paul, or Gyllenhaal, e.g.
Get possession of
A story
Not short
To drop or descend
To knock down (a tree)
Non-woven fabric popular for hats
An accomplishment or achievement
Having a smooth or even surface
A piece of cloth used as a symbol
Beat with a whip or rod
Web-footed, tail-less amphibian
Starting at
Organized high-school dance
Baby carraige
To offer devout petition to
Engage in amusement or sport
Kill violently
Remain in a certain place
Numerical fact or datum
A board used to support a bed
Shut with force or noise, they can be grand
Thin, narrow
Slipped, skidded
Dictated, spoke
Debris of silicates such as quartz
Attached to your arm by your wrist
Not soft
To injure either physically or mentally
An agricultural plot of land

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