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Can you answer these clues about Hungary and Hippopotamuses?

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This city is the capital and largest city in HungaryHungary
This river separates the two parts of the capitalHungary
Its longest border is with this country due north of itHungary
'Hungarian' in Hungarian is thisHungary
Hungarian is one of three Uralic languages. Name another.Hungary
Hungary declared independence from this empireHungary
This is the main industry, according to CIAHungary
Rounded to the nearest million, this is the population of HungaryHungary
Hungary does not have any of these animals, associated with this quiz (except in zoos)Hungary
In Latin, hippopotamus meant thisHippos
Hippos walk on the tips of their toes, making them theseHippos
Hippos normally graze at this time of dayHippos
Hippos mainly live in this region of Africa, usually called thisHippos
A group of hippos is called thisHippos
Hippos produce a fluid of this color, which protects it from the sun.Hippos
Name one of the two main predators of hippos (that excludes humans)Hippos
The hippo is in this conservation status:Hippos
No wild hippos live in this country associated with this quizHippos

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