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Can you name these words related to mathematics that start with each letter of the alphabet?

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The first element in a coordinate pairA
A polynomial with two termsB
A line segment connecting two points on a circleC
A function which gives the slope of a curveD
Conic sectionE
The product of a positive integer and all lesser positive integersF
This 'ratio', also called phi, is approximately 1.618G
A cube, for exampleH
Two expressions that are not equalI
An example of a fractalJ
A quadrilateral with two pairs of adjacent congruent sidesK
A set of points which follow the given rule(s)L
The set of counting numbersN
An angle with measure between 90° and 180°O
A number n whose factors sum up to nP
An expression with degree 2Q
A polygon or polyhedron with congruent sides and anglesR
Describes a figure with two congruent partsS
Trigonometric functionT
Combination of two or more setsU
Corner of a polyhedronV
Amount of energy needed to move an object over a given pathW
The 14th letter of the Greek alphabetX
The vertical axis on a Cartesian planeY
The additive identityZ

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