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Name the smallest of the three South African Capitals.
Which river runs through 4 world capitals, the most in the world?
The Aozou Strip was a piece of disputed land between two African countries. Name one.
On February 17, 2008, this European country seceded from Serbia, making it the second newest country in the world.
This bay, a part of the Hudson Bay, is credited for having the southernmost point in the Arctic Ocean.
Name the longest river in Australia.
This point in West Antarctica is known as the deepest in the world, at 8,382 ft (2,555 m) below sea level.
This country, at a population of 168.8 million, is the biggest in Africa and 8th largest in the world.
At an elevation of 10,023 ft. (3,055 m) this mountain is the highest in Maui.
Name the Canadian territory that broke away from NW Territories in 1999.
The 'fertile crescent' was in between these two rivers in the Middle East. Name one.
What is the longest mountain range in the world?
This large autonomous territory is called 'Kalaallit Nunaat' in the native language.
Ushuaia, one of the southernmost cities in the world, is on this island.
This Canadian city is sometimes known as 'North Hollywood' because of its thriving movie industry.
In 1931, Japanese troops invaded this region in northeastern China.
The Rio de la Plata's mouth is between these two countries. (please name both)
There is a French island in the Antarctican Indian Ocean. Name it.
What is the smallest province of Canada?
This mountain, the second highest in the world, has the record of being the most dangerous.

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