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______, If You Are AboveFalling In Reverse
________ AngelsBlack Veil Brides
______ and PensBlack Veil Brides
______ Is the Most FunPanic! at the Disco
The ________ in Me is You Falling In Reverse
We Don't Have to __________ Black Veil Brides
______ DevoteePanic! at the Disco
Emperor's ______ ClothesPanic! at the Disco
Don't __________ Me With A Good TIme Panic! at the Disco
Better Off __________Sleeping With Sirens
Lost ___ All Black Veil Brides
_______ for YouFalling In Reverse
If You Can't _______Sleeping With Sirens
Fashionably __________ Falling In Reverse
_______ Me Sleeping With Sirens
Rebel ______ SongBlack Veil Brides
I Write ______ Not TragidiesPanic! at the Disco
Nobody's __________ Black Veil Brides
Good _______ Bad GuysFalling In Reverse
Goodbye __________ Black Veil Brides
Go ___ Go Sleeping With Sirens
Do it Now ___________ It LaterSleeping With Sirens
In the ________ Black Veil Brides
Fair __________ Fans Falling In Reverse
They Don't ______ to Understand Black Veil Brides
We ______ It Loud Sleeping With Sirens
Miss __________ Panic! at the Disco
Save _____ a Spark Sleeping With Sirens

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