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Brief DescriptionPerson
Legendary King of Athens; slayer of the Minotaur
Legendary founder of Rome, along with his brother Remus
Legendary Spartan lawgiver; founder of Spartan militarism
Legendary second king of Rome; founder of Roman government
Athenian lawgiver; credited with reforming Athenian law towards democracy
First Roman Consul; deposed Tarquin to found the Roman Republic
Athenian statesman and general who built up Athenian navy; architect of the victory at Salamis
Roman dictator and general; victor over the Etruscans and repulsed the Gaulish invasion of Italy
Athenian Statesman during period of Athens greatest glory; Peloponesian war; 'First Citizen'
Roman statesman, famous for his strategy of avoiding open battle and waging a war of attrition against Hannibal's invasion of Italy
Athenian statesman who advocated for the invasion of Sicily; ostracized after the disastrous invasion only to serve the Spartans and Persians before returning to Athens
Legendary Roman general who led army against rome, title subject of Shakespeare play
Sicilian statesman who defeated the Carthaginian invasion of the island
Father of Scipio, he defeated the Macedonians
Theban general and statesman, known for his charity
Roman general who defeated the Gauls under Viridiomarus and took Syracuse
Athenian statesman with a reputation for justice, participated in Persian War
Roman Consul and Censor, wrote books on history and farming
Leader of the Achaean League; greek general from Megalopolis
Roman statesman who orchestrated the Roman conquest of Greece
King of Epirus and Macedon who led a costly invasion or Rome; namesake type of 'victory'
Plebian Roman leader, famous for his reforms of the Roman Army and struggle with Sulla later in life
Spartan general that won the battle of Aegospotami against the Athenians, ruled Sparta at its height
Roman general, consul, and dictator, famous equally for his miliary victories over Mithridates, forceful takeover of Rome, reforms of Roman government, and peaceful retirement
Athenian statesman who participated at Salamis; later ostracized but recalled.
Roman statesman and general of the late Republic, known for expanding Rome eastwards
Athenian statesman know for his welath and disastrous leadership during the siege of Syracuse
Roman known for his enormous wealth, also famous for suppressing Spartacus' revolt
Alexander's personal assistant, he inherited a significant portion of Alexander's empire
Roman general who carved out his own kingdom in Spain and defeated Pompey's attempts to unseat him
Spartan general, noted for fighting Athenians and Corinthians
Partner of Julius Caesar in the first triumvirate, he later was defeated by Caesar in the first civil war and killed in Egypt
Inheriting the kingdom of Macedonia after his father's assasination, he defeated the Persians and led his army as far as modern Pakistan; died in Babylon of a fever at age 32
Famous for his military victories over Gauls, he then defeated Pompey in the civil war and was declared dictator for life; died at the hands of conspirators on the Ides of March 44
Athenian statesman known for his virtue and frugality; executed by Macedonians
Roman author and orator, known for his opposition to Caesar and the disbanding of the Roman Republic
Descendants of Leonidas, these kings of Sparta were known for their failed reforms, one was executed and other killed himself
Pair of brothers who served as plebian tribunes, they attempted land reform but were murderedat the orders of conservatives
Athenian lawyer and orator, known for his Philippics against Phillip of Macedon
Roman philosopher and orator, known for introducing the Romans to Greek philosophy and championing Republicanism at the end of the empire. Killed by Marc Antony's soldiers.
Macedonican king who was abandoned by his armies
A supporter of Caesar, he shared power with Augustus after Caesar's death before fighting Augustus in the civil war. Defeted at Actium, he committed suicide rather than face defeat
Tyrant of Syracuse, he was expelled only to retake the city. Assasinated
Roman politician famous for leading the conspiracy to assasinate Caesar. Declared a traitor by Augustus, he chose suicide over capture.
Leader of Sicyon, member of Achaean league
King of Persia, he defeated the Ten Thousand and his brother Cyrus the Younger
One of the Four Emperors, he lost the support of the people of Rome and was assasinated
One of the Four Emperors, he ruled for only three months before killing himself in the face of impending crisis

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